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Flash-Mob Looting Plagues California, Criminals Now Target Home Depot for Crowbars and Sledgehammers


Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi infamously encouraged the Left to rise up and create chaos and division.

Now, the racial division comes from many more members of the Left, with the mainstream media driving their narrative.

This division sowed by the Left and supported by the media has incited criminals to act more violently.

As more Democrat cities and states have implemented low/no bail and changed some felonies to misdemeanors, criminals indeed feel emboldened to commit crimes recklessly.

This is more evident than ever with the current trend of gang-style robberies and lootings across California. 

The looters, working in large groups, use sledgehammers to break down windows and enter into stores.

A group of California criminals took to Home Depot this Thanksgiving weekend to stock up on their looting supplies.

On Black Friday, in Los Angeles County, a group of looters ages 15-20 ransacked a Home Depot store around 8:30 p.m. 

The looters stole tools likely to be used for future crimes, such as crowbars, mallets, and sledgehammers.

In their typical gang-looting style, the robbers departed in their get-away vehicles waiting for them outside.

Fox News reports up to 10 vehicles pulled up outside the stores, and the looters wore ski masks to conceal their identity.

Here is more from Fox News:

In Lakewood, a group of suspects ages 15 to 20 stormed a Home Depot store around 8:30 p.m. and grabbed tools such as crowbars, mallets and sledgehammers before getting away in vehicles that were waiting outside, FOX 11 of Los Angeles reported.

One entire section of hammers was completely cleared out, Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies told the station.

As many as 10 vehicles pulled up outside the store and the thieves donned ski masks before launching their spree, KCBS-TV of Los Angeles reported.

The theft prompted fears that the stolen tools would be used to commit more robberies at other stores in the area, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department told the station.

The Lakewood incident remained under investigation, FOX 11 reported.

Many claim California’s Prop 47, which Gov. Newsom supported, is responsible for the rise in retail theft. 

Prop 47 reclassified numerous crimes as misdemeanors instead of felonies, such as retail theft, shoplifting, and grand larceny. 

The cutoff was $950 for these substantial lefts.

In a high-crime urban area with packed courts, it’s difficult to prosecute every misdemeanor.

Without proper consequences, what will stop the criminals from looting?

Here are some of the ‘Flash Mob Thefts’ that have hit California the past week:

It’s clear that in recent years, criminals have felt encouraged to take part in such thefts.

In 2018, the Public Policy Institute of California released a study that showed Prop 47 contributed to a 9% rise in theft.

The thieves ransacking American businesses today take tens of thousands of dollars in goods. 

Without any fear of punishment, looters will continue to loot.

You can watch more about the California looting safely on Rumble below:

NBC Los Angeles reports today that four suspects from the Home Depot robbery are in custody.

Police believe these suspects stole at least $400 in merchandise.

Will these criminals even receive punishment if the merchandise is under the $950 threshold in California law?

NBC Los Angeles has more:

Four individuals, who police believe may be involved in the flash mob theft of at least $400 in merchandise from a Home Depot in the Lakewood Center Mall, were in custody Saturday after being arrested in Beverly Hills.

The police investigation is still ongoing, as police work to confirm whether the four individuals arrested were involved in Friday night’s incident.

Police received a call regarding several vehicles driving with no license plates near Beverly Drive and Dayton Way just after 9 p.m. Friday, Sgt. Jeff Newman of the Beverly Hills Police Department told City News Service.

Officers stopped one of the vehicles and took the suspects into custody.

“We’re currently working with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department to see if there is a link to the Lakewood Home Depot incident or any other crimes that have been committed,” Newman said.

Approximately eight males entered the store at 7:46 p.m. Friday, walked directly to the tool aisle and stole various sledgehammers, crowbars and hammers valued at approximately $400, according to Deputy Miguel Meza of the Sheriff’s Information Bureau.

Cell phone video showed a group of teenagers leaving the store.


Where is the Biden regime to call out these blatant acts of domestic terrorism?

Without the country’s leader condemning this violence, what’s to stop the criminals?

It appears we can thank the Left for this rise in crime, hurting businesses and threatening public safety.

California has gotten out of control this week with no signs of stopping.

On Wednesday, in Los Angeles, looters attacked a security guard and stole designer handbags from a Nordstrom in Canoga Park.

The Nordstrom looters took off with $25,000 from the store.

You can see California Nordstroms have been targeted recently by these criminals.

This isn’t specific to California, either.

Other blue cities across America see mobs of looters using tools you can find at Home Depot to commit their crimes.

The mainstream media is calling these “smash-and-grab robberies.”

Welcome to Biden’s America!

Low/no bail reforms have created the perfect storm for crimes.

With the weak policies from the Left encouraging these criminal acts, it’s no wonder flash mob robberies are ripping apart blue cities.

When will their progressive leaders be held accountable? 

By refusing to cover this issue, the mainstream media’s blackout proves they truly are the enemy of the people.


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