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REPORT: The REAL Reason Why Sweden Hasn’t Enforced Strict Lockdowns & COVID-19 Passports? A Closer Look At This “Free” Country


Sweden is often hailed as the pro-freedom model for their laissez-faire response to COVID-19.

Unlike most of the world, the Scandinavian nation didn’t resort to strict lockdowns, business closures, and mask mandates to deter the virus.

Health officials mostly relied on individual responsibility and life retained a sense of normalcy.

While the media initially criticized Sweden, the voices of disapproval faded when time proved their COVID-19 response to be the correct choice.

Here’s a glimpse of how Sweden is faring at the moment:

Compared to other European nations, it appears Sweden made the right call.

But is there a particular reason why Sweden took this hands-off approach to manage COVID-19?

Why didn’t they resort to harsh lockdowns and mask mandates like most countries?

And with the exception of a recent policy change for large indoor events, how come Sweden hasn’t feverishly pushed COVID-19 passports on its population?

Before I dive into these questions, I want to share this little road map that explains the nature of the globalist agenda the elites want to implement for the world.

Notice #7 – Impose Health Passport ID Systems

The last sentence states “These will become a global digital identity system that will (be) compulsory to go anywhere.

In other words, a digital ID.

The COVID-19 passports that individuals have on their smartphones will eventually become a global digital identity system.

As you’ve noticed, many nations have pushed the health passports with a vengeance.

But Sweden isn’t rushing the COVID-19 passports to its citizens.

However, Sweden already has the digital ID infrastructure in its society.

Yes, digital ID is commonplace and COVID-19 passports can be added without difficulty.

In other countries, digital ID isn’t a thing yet and the COVID-19 passports can help accomplish this aspect of the globalist agenda.

That’s not an issue in Sweden and may be the real reason why their government didn’t crack down with harsh restrictions.

The BankID Wikipedia page explains how common digital IDs are in Sweden:

Bank-id (trademark BankID) is by far the largest electronic identification system in Sweden, with a usage rate of 94% among smartphone users, and is administered by Finansiell ID-Teknik BID AB that is owned by several Swedish and Scandinavian banks. In March 2018 Bank-id had about 6.5 million active users and was supported by 600 web services.[1] Only individuals with a Swedish personal identity number can acquire Bank-id.

Bank-id has existed in following variations:

  • Bank-id on file (on computer)
  • Bank-id on card (connected to a token device)
  • Mobile Bank-id (mobile based solution)
  • Bank-id in mobile (a discontinued SIM card based solution)

Example of usage areas are Swish payments, bank login, login to e-government, and access to medical records via Vårdguiden 1177.

With the digital ID already in place, adding the COVID-19 passport won’t be an issue.

In fact, Swedes who have a Mobile BankID can have a COVID-19 passport sent to their digital letterbox.

BankID explains how it works:

The demand for COVID certificates has been high. Since the service was launched first of July, almost three million certificates have been requested. The certificate shows that you have been vaccinated against, have tested negative for or have recovered from covid-19.

The certificate is a document to use when travelling within Europe. If you have a Mobile BankID, you can get your certificate sent in digital form to your digital letterbox.

How it works

  1. Order your certificate at by logging in with your Mobile BankID.
  2. The certificate will automatically be sent to your digital letterbox if you have one, i.e. Kivra.
  3. With the certificate in the Kivra app, you have it with you at all times, safely protected by your Mobile BankID.

From Medium:

Countries like Sweden and Estonia have been using digital IDs for years. According to Sweden’s Agency for Digital Government (DIGG), the “Swedish eID system is a success story. Most citizens have an eID and over 4 billion transactions in various private and public e-services are made every year.”[2]

Refer back to the COVID-19 Roadmap and #11 says “Compel RFID Microchip.”

Microchip implants have already earned praise in Swedish society:

Let’s refer back to the COVID-19 Road Map one more time.

#10 – Cashless Economy

A Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) ends financial privacy and allows easy implementation of a social credit system.

In 2023, Sweden plans to become the first cashless nation in the world.

Interesting Engineering explains:

In 2023, Sweden is proudly becoming the first cashless nation in the world, with an economy that goes 100 percent digital. Currently, about 80 percent of Swedes use cards with 58 percent of payments being made by card and only six percent made in cash, according to the Swedish Central Bank.

Electronic payments have rapidly increased with more restaurants and shops not accepting cash payments at all. Mobile payment services also make payments from one individual to another much easier.

The majority of Swedish banks have stopped allowing customers to make cash transactions over the counter. Many branches across the country have closed. Cash is extremely expensive to manage due to the high security systems. If there is someone who wants to make a deposit or withdraw cash for some reason, they need to go to an ATM.

Digital IDs, microchips, and a cashless society.

Sweden is well ahead of the curve of adopting these items on the COVID-19 Road Map to fulfill the globalist agenda.

Admittedly, I got too caught up with their lax approach to the virus and didn’t step back to analyze the whole picture.

Any reference to Sweden as “free” from COVID tyranny should be taken with a grain of salt moving forward.

The Scandinavian nation gives the outward appearance of free right now since it’s further along the road map to the New World Order.


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