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REPORT: Slovenia Nurse Whistleblower Claims Politicians & Elites Get Placebo Instead of mRNA COVID-19 Jab; True or Misinformation?


Shocking reports have circulated out of the eastern European country of Slovenia that, if verified, would cause a vengeful reaction of epic proportions.

Now, there’s a lot of uncertainty regarding a nurse whistleblower’s statement about the COVID-19 jabs and some information I’ll have to fact check.

The controversy stems from a press conference given by the former head nurse of the University Medical Center in Ljubljana.

According to reports, she claimed that politicians and other high-ranking citizens receive saline instead of the mRNA experimental COVID-19 injections.

The nurse, who coordinated the receiving and managing of the vials, stated they contained codes where each bottle would say 1, 2, or 3.

She explained that #1 is a placebo, saline.

In the press conference, the nurse claims that 30% of the population receives the placebo.

Recipients won’t know if they get the placebo or the mRNA injection.

Someone in the crowd asks if the administrators know who gets the placebo, and she states that they know and you don’t know.

Watch her explain in this Bitchute clip below.

*Note – This is the only clip I’ve found thus far with coherent English subtitles*


For #2 and #3, Daily Telegraph shared this shocking claim:

Number 1 is the placebo, saline. Number 2 is a the mRNA. The number 3 is an mRNA stick that contains the onco gene, linked to the adenovirus that contributes to the development of cancer. She said those receiving the number 3 bottle will develop soft tissue cancer within two years of receiving the jab.

She says she personally witnessed the jab of all the politicians and tycoons and everyone who received the number 1 bottle, claiming they received the saline solution, a placebo. This explains why the same person administers the jab to politicians when they take pictures for the media.

Slovenia fake vax news

*Source – Daily Telegraph*

That’s a WILD accusation that would surely bring the wrath of citizens upon politicians, elites, pharmaceutical companies, and injection administrators.

BUT, is that accurate?

I’ve had to investigate to complete some fact checks on this.

The roughly 20-minute press conference is actually on Facebook but lacks subtitles.

Scroll through the comments, and you’ll notice tons of people asking for a translation.

I found one translation in Italian that Facebook translated into English.

To summarize, this translation stated the nurse mentioned 30% being a placebo and the codes containing 1, 2, and 3.

However, it explains the video did NOT go into detail about what codes 2 and 3 contain.

Also, there’s no statement about witnessing the inoculation of politicians.

Until a full English translation is available or a primary source confirms the remaining content of the press conference, I must say unverified for now.

Another piece of information I must fact check is the date of the press conference.

Hal Turner Radio Show reported:

On Saturday 20 November, the Chief Nurse of the University Medical Center, Ljubljana Clinical Center, (pictured above, who deals with the administration of vaccine vials and manages everything, quit her job, went in front of TV cameras and took out vaccine bottles.

She showed the gathered journalists the codes on the bottles, each with the final number 1, 2, or 3 in the code, and then explained the meaning of these numbers:

As you’ll notice in the above Facebook clip, the press conference took place in July.

It was not the recent date of November 20th.

While the reported date is incorrect, the press conference itself is legitimate.

And Slovenians are furious at their government.

I’m attempting to reach out to others from Slovenia to gather more details about the situation.

If I have further updates, I’ll provide an additional report.

While these whistleblower claims remain unverified right now, the media is desperately trying to bury this story.

And in the case they’re verified as accurate, I imagine a vitriolic response from the public.


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