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Cancel ‘Black Friday’ Gets Canceled: Students Left Feeling Humiliated



Haven’t you heard?

We need to cancel every part of human history because it’s either racist sexist, or homophobic.

What has the left decided to cancel this year you ask?

Well, Black Friday of course!

Don’t you know it’s a racist day where the ‘whites’ killed the ‘blacks’ for a sweet discount deal at Macy’s?

All jokes aside, this year a group of University of Florida students decided to cancel Black Friday but promptly changed their minds when they did some research.

This guy on Twitter was one day too soon:

That day has come brother!

Honestly, usually, leftists are annoying but this story is straight-up funny!

Campus Reform went around the University of Florida asking students if the term Black Friday should be changed because it has racial connotations.

Watch how students reacted:

The best part is how the students quickly change their answers when confronted with reality.

How come we didn’t change the results of the 2020 election when we realized that it was a fraud?

Ok, I’m getting ahead of myself, let’s get back to the leftist college students.

Here’s Fox News with the full report:

University of Florida students who said they support changing the name “Black Friday” had a change of heart when informed that the shopping holiday’s name has nothing to do with race.

In a video released Wednesday by Campus Reform, students at the Gainesville campus were asked by reporter Ophelie Jacobson whether they supported renaming “Black Friday,” citing an opinion article that argued it discriminates against Black people.

“Honestly I’m down to rename that,” one student responded. “I don’t like the name Black Friday. I never really have since I was small. Whenever I would go to stores, everything would be jammed packed and I would see workers, kind of, it sounds wrong, but they would lean more toward the lighter skinned people. Like, they would assist them.”

“I think that equality’s important,” another student said.

“I mean, I think it’s definitely a valid opinion. I kind of agree it should be changed just because Black Friday sounds offensive,” another student said.

One student countered that changing the name “isn’t going to help actual Black people” and that it’s not an issue that she would protest against.

The origin “Black Friday” is heavily debated, but the History Channel says it ultimately stems from 1960s Philadelphia, where police used the term to negatively describe the frenzied shopping that ensued on the day after Thanksgiving, just before the Army-Navy football game kicked off that Saturday every year. In the 1980s, retailers reportedly reinvented the term to mean that stores would turn a profit on the day after Thanksgiving, and go from red to black, after operating at a loss for the entire year.

“The term Black Friday has nothing to do with race,” Jacobson, the Campus Reform reporter, informed the students in the video. “Should we still change it?”

“No,” one student said. “If it’s not about skin color then I don’t see that there’s a problem.”

“If you want to just rename it to, like, spare the feelings, then that’s not helpful,” another said.

“It’s just a word. Like, it’s a color,” added another.

“Everything will be found offensive at one point,” said another.

That’s right my friend everything will be offensive at one point and that’s the whole point.

What the left never seems to realize is that history repeats itself and if we don’t take active measures to educate ourselves we are destined to repeat history.

Now if you deny history and decide to cancel the past then you really aren’t learning anything.

This is why Biden can require that you walk around with a vaccine passport like the Germans did not too many years ago.

Know what I mean?

Twitter is having just as much fun as I am:

This last Twitter user seems to be optimistic about the future.

Personally, I think that without a red wave in 2024 we really don’t have much of a chance with these sorts of people.

Colleges across the country are injecting leftist agendas and dimming down students’ abilities to think for themselves.

What we have is a brainwashed generation.

Have fun this Black Friday everyone and don’t be racist.


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