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WATCH BREAKING: Australian Defense Forces Called To Haul Positive Covid Cases To Gulags


Australia is the best argument I can make for unrestricted gun rights in America.

The once idyllic island nation has turned into an Orwellian nightmare through using Covid-19 as a front to usher in a complete totalitarian surveillance state.

This is no longer a nation of free people, but is now simply another one that fell to communism.

Take heed and let this be a warning to all of you, and to the world.

A bullet a day keeps the tyranny at bay. If ever there was a time to listen to me ever in your lives, and to take my advice, then let it be now: never give up your guns.

In fact, go out today and buy some more.

Here is what we currently know:

The Federalist commented on their growing tyranny:

Now state governments are providing long lists of things the unvaccinated will be “unable” to do, warning that they will be locked out of the economy, and threatening that those who have not received a third booster shot will soon be stripped of their freedoms.

Even the promising new NSW Premier Dom Perrottet is falling for the perversity, contrary to his own pre-Covid stance, that government gets to magnanimously bestow freedom on the groveling serfs, or withhold it on a whim.

Former ASIO chief Duncan Lewis warned that Australians could “wake up one day and find decisions made in our country that are not in the interests of our country.” That day is now.

The protests in Australia continue to grow louder and stronger as citizens take to the street in response to this shocking and growing tyranny:


RSBN had more on the massive demonstrations in Australia:

On Saturday, tens of thousands of people gathered to protest vaccine mandates in Perth. Last weekend, thousands gathered at the steps of Parliament in Melbourne to protest a freedom-restricting pandemic bill spearheaded by Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews. The bill, which would seriously expand the powers of the government and the Premier, would also allow him to single-handedly declare “health emergencies” and institute lockdowns and Covid rules for up to three months at a time.


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