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NEW INTERVIEW TONIGHT: President Trump Calls Biden Afghanistan Exit ‘Single Most Embarrassing Moment In The History Of Our Country’


President Donald Trump BLASTED the Joe Biden administration for their humiliating and botched withdrawal from Afghanistan earlier this year. The President sat down for an hour long interview with Mark Levin, which will be aired TONIGHT at 8pm EST on Fox News.

The manner in which the exit unfolded was an embarrassing spectacle for all the world to see. Our nation’s enemies took note of the chaos, which revealed an ugly look at how weak of a man Creepy Joe really is.

From Fox News:

“I think it’s the most embarrassing and humiliating period in the history of our country,” Trump told host Mark Levin.

“I was all set up to withdraw with dignity and tremendous strength,” he said earlier in the interview. “Nobody was going to be killed. We weren’t leaving $85 billion behind; we weren’t leaving 10 cents behind. I said, ‘Every bolt, every screw, every nail comes out.’”

He added that he does not think “there’s ever been anything so terrible” and that “nobody” discusses the soldiers injured in the Kabul bombing. He said he met with “many of the parents” of the 13 soldiers killed and they “cannot believe this happened to their child.”

Instead of picking up every bolt, screw, and nail paid for with American taxpayer money, Joe Biden decided to leave $85 BILLION DOLLARS of the planet’s most sophisticated military weaponry and infrastructure in the hands of the Taliban, and likely by extension, China, Russia, and Iran.

My guess is, the second we hightailed it out of there, Chi Comm intelligence descended on the scene like a pack of hyenas to reverse engineer every piece technology they could. In fact, I’d say the likelihood China hasn’t had boots on the ground for an assessment in some capacity, is very slim. Same goes for Russia and Iran, of course.

It’s one thing to leave a bunch uniforms, boots, and other basic supplies behind.

But it’s another thing to leave Blackhawk helicopters.

And Joe Biden did both of those things. How ridiculous does this sound in hindsight? Unbelievable.

Sometimes I have to slap myself reminiscing on that because it sounds so absurd I still can’t believe it happened.

President Trump also took time to address other failures of the Biden administration, like inflation woes and the terrible situation at our southern border, which is spiraling out of control more every day:

Trump also knocked Biden for high gas prices, saying that “[i]nflation is eating our people alive.” As for the crisis at the southern border, “nobody’s had borders like this,” even in “the most remote places in the world.”

He cited “millions and millions of people…just coming in here unchecked,” claiming that “countries are emptying out their jails into the United States…[,] like a dumping ground.”

By contrast, Trump saw his presidency as “a beautiful period of time[,]…made more beautiful by the catastrophic events that have taken place over the last 10 months.”

Such events “should have never happened,” he added.

The former president waxed nostalgically about his administration despite labeling Democrats “sick” for their two “phony impeachments” of him, neither of which succeeded.

Trump’s first post-presidency book, “Our Journey Together,” is a coffee table photo book hitting shelves next month. The book’s dedication reads, “To my great parents, Mary and Fred, my wonderful wife, Melania, the incredible patriots of our nation, all members of my spectacular family and, importantly, the deplorables, because you got me here!”

It has to be incredibly hard being President Trump watching this dummy stumble around embarrassing us on the world stage.

Especially when the election of this clown was completely illegitimate. None of this should have ever happened.

These people are sick!

Well, I’m certainly looking forward to seeing this interview tonight.

You can catch it on Life, Liberty, & Levin on Fox News tonight at 8pm!

POTUS will be there for the entire hour!


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