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Did a German Doctor Commit Suicide and Write Letter Stating He Couldn’t Be Part of Genocide Via “Bioweapon” COVID-19 Jabs?


A mysterious death out of Germany caught my attention a few days ago.

According to reports, Dr. Thomas Jendges, Head of the Chemnitz Clinic, committed suicide by jumping from the top of the clinic’s building in Flemmingstrasse, Germany.

Jendges died at the scene from his injuries and was 55 years old.

Reports claim that Jendges took his life due to the guilt of participating in genocide and crimes against humanity via the COVID-19 jabs.

There’s an alleged suicide note at the scene where the doctor refers to the COVID-19 jabs as “bio-warfare agents.”

The alleged suicide letter is causing a firestorm on social media.

In addition to stating the COVID-19 jabs as genocide and crimes against humanity, Jendges allegedly wrote Mayor Sven Schulze threatened to fire him for not inoculating hospital patients.

And it’s believed Schulze prevented the publication of the suicide note.

Thus far, reports of the suicide note have NOT been confirmed by the police.

A spokesman of the mayor stated they weren’t aware of a suicide note left behind by Jendges.

So, it’s too early to assume the reason for the doctor’s suicide or the authenticity of the farewell letter.

I should note that Jendges publicly supported the experimental injections as late as August.

From Tag 24:

In addition, the clinic boss even publicly spoke out in favor of the corona vaccinations before his death.

At the end of August, at the planned opening of a central vaccination center at the clinic, Jendges said: “With the vaccination offer, we want to further contain the corona pandemic together with the city . Vaccination significantly reduces the risk of infection and serious illness from SARS-CoV-2 . “

And further: “That is why we are happy to offer this low-threshold vaccination option.”

Stessnews provided additional background:

According to Las repúblicas, In the lengthy farewell letter Dr. Thomas Jendges wrote before his suicide and demanded its publication, he is said to have harshly criticized the information policy of governments in dealing with the dangerousness of Covid vaccines. The constant lies and deceit to the patient and the vaccinated that the vaccines are supposedly harmless, he could no longer bear them, it is said in the letter.

He condemns vaccinating the population with experimental and lethal vaccines against Covid-19, which is in fact more of a biological warfare agent created and manipulated for that use, than for any other known utility. For Dr. Thomas Jendges a genocide and a crime against humanity is taking place, they report that he says the letter, according to the German press such as the Bild newspaper.

Because the mayor threatened to fire him if he no longer stayed in the submissive line imposed by government order and refused to vaccinate patients at the clinic, there were presumably no more options for Jendges. This director has not wanted to support a crime of the federal government, the state government and his faithful henchmen. So she considered that his suicide was the only way to oppose him.

These are some details of the farewell letter that are currently in circulation. Although Dr. Jendges has ordered that his entire suicide letter be published, according to the current state of knowledge of the mayor of Chemnitz, Sven Schulze of the SPD, who continues to prevent this publication. Numerous groups have formed in various forums demanding that Schulze abandon his blocking attitude and finally respect Jendges’ last wish.

It’s too early to tell if Dr. Jendges’ suicide note is legit or not.

But this story is worth closer attention.

While Jendges wasn’t an anti-vaxxer, he was director of the hospital for only several weeks before his death.

Perhaps he witnessed deaths attributed to the COVID-19 jabs and couldn’t live with the guilt of recommending the dangerous injections.


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