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WATCH: MASSIVE Riots Break Out in the Netherlands Against COVID Restrictions


Has the revolution started on the eve of World Wide Demonstration For Freedom 5.0?

Vienna has the world’s attention due to their government’s diabolical COVID-19 jab mandate of the entire country’s population.

However, things reached a boiling point for Dutch citizens Friday night.

Amid surging COVID-19 cases, the Dutch government announced plans to restrict unvaccinated citizens from public venues.

On Thursday, the Netherlands reported a record-high 23,591 daily cases.

The Netherlands has fully vaccinated 80.3% of adults from COVID-19, but that didn’t prevent another outbreak in the European nation.

In the port city of Rotterdam, fiery riots broke out due to the tyrannical COVID-19 restrictions.

Police fired warning shots as several squad cars were set ablaze during the civil unrest.

Reports indicate multiple injuries and arrests made by police in an attempt to control the riot.

Footage appears to show police firing live ammunition that injured at least two protestors.

Watch below:

While local media and social media accounts report that hooligans and vigilantes seized this opportunity to cause mayhem, there’s no question the Dutch people have reached their breaking point.

The world is going on 20 months since lockdowns, travel restrictions, and business closures ravaged the lives of working-class citizens.

Governments in lockstep with a globalist agenda of ultimate control have moved the goalposts to ‘fight the pandemic’ at every opportunity.

With a broken promise of the experimental COVID-19 injections returning life to normal, the latest wave of restrictions and lockdowns has sent many Dutch citizens over the edge.

At some point, the people will fight back against the authoritarian regime that destroyed their livelihood over a virus with a survival rate comparable to influenza. shared details on injuries:

In riots in Rotterdam on the Coolsingel, people were injured because the police fired shots, the police report. Warning shots were fired, but there were also targeted shots, a spokesman said. It is not yet clear how many people were injured, he said.

Images of an injured person are circulating on social media. Police say it is not yet clear how and by whom this person was injured.

President Gerrit van de Kamp of the police union ACP does not rule out the possibility that officers had fired in emergency weather because “the situation was extremely threatening and the officers were therefore forced to shoot”. He is very displeased with the situation. “These are no longer riots, this is extremist behaviour. This is no longer normal.” According to Van de Kamp, much damage has been done, but his concern now first goes to his colleagues in Rotterdam. “We hope the colleagues get home safely.”

On the Coolsingel, the ME carries out charges on Friday evening. A water cannon has also been deployed and an emergency order is in force. This means that people are not allowed to stay on and around the Coolsingel and the Central Station and Blaak stations. The Central Station has now been closed due to the disturbances, the police reported.

Due to the riots, there are no trains running to and from Rotterdam Central Station, NS reports. Signs above the A20 ring road near Rotterdam and on local roads warn motorists to avoid the center of Rotterdam due to the situation. The security region also advises people to stay away from the center.

As mentioned by Rebel News, the Dutch government plans to implement a medical apartheid state that discriminates against unvaccinated citizens:

The Netherlands government has announced plans to introduce legislation that would allow businesses to restrict the country’s health passport system, which was implemented for the pandemic, to exclude people who are not fully vaccinated. The system would allow business owners to whitelist fully vaccinated individuals and those who’ve already recovered from COVID-19, but exclude those who only test negative.

The Netherlands isn’t an anomaly in Europe, with countries like Austria, Germany, and the Czech Republic enacting tyrannical health measures.

I believe this is only the beginning of violent riots across Europe.

The experimental COVID-19 injections failed to prevent another massive outbreak, and governments responded by unleashing a fascist wave unseen in decades.

As other European nations enact Orwellian policies reminiscent of a medical dictatorship, citizens will reach their breaking points.

It could spark a revolution the mainstream media won’t televise to the public.

Saturday is Worldwide Demonstration for Freedom 5.0, and I have a feeling we’re in store for something historic.

I pray that I’m right and the people rise up against tyranny around the world.


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