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Did the CDC Just Quietly Acknowledge Natural Immunity to COVID-19?


The CDC has been ignoring the science since the start of the pandemic.

Now with the CDC recommending an unknown number of boosters, more of the vaccinated are seeing through the Biden regime.

Why does the CDC, and the Biden administration, keep ignoring natural immunity and push a vaccine-for-all agenda?

What about those with natural immunity who have had COVID-19?

A few days ago, the CDC admitted that they have no record of an unvaccinated COVID-19 recovered person actually spreading COVID-19.

Now, it appears the CDC has quietly admitted natural immunity to COVID-19 exists.

In October, the CDC updated its “estimated total infections” of COVID-19 to a whopping 146.6 million Americans.

Roughly 44 percent of our population survived COVID-19 and now have natural immunity!

Why should 146.6 million Americans be forced to take a ‘vaccine’ for a virus they already had?

If the CDC openly acknowledged natural immunity, the vaccine mandate gig is up for the Biden administration.

The new data remains on the CDC’s website, where the numbers were updated from May’s previous count of 120 million COVID-19 infections.

Curiously, the CDC failed to update the statistics for five months.

Because of this, Becker News reports that the numbers are likely underreported by the CDC, according to their analysis.

Here is more from Becker News:

Even though 146.6 million is a vast number of Americans comprising at least 44 percent of the U.S. population, it may be an underestimate, based on the CDC’s earlier calculations. The CDC’s figures estimated in May that at least 120 million Americans had been infected with Covid-19. Because the CDC estimated (and continues to estimate) there have been at least four Covid infections for every case reported, then based on its report of 46.9 million cases, then there would be 187.6 million Americans who were infected and thus possess ‘natural immunity.’

However, the CDC may conflate breakthrough cases and unvaccinated cases, and may add repeat cases per individual, thus causing some uncertainty. Becker News earlier estimated that based on CDC figures, 160 million people had Covid-19 through prior infections. This figure represents an approximate midpoint in the 146.6 million to 187.6 million estimated range.

In October, Reuters reported studies that further corroborate that natural immunity is superior protection against Covid-19 than vaccinated immunity. It reported bluntly “secondary immune response stronger after infection than vaccination.” An Israeli study conducted earlier came to similar conclusions.

“This study demonstrated that natural immunity confers longer-lasting and stronger protection against infection, symptomatic disease and hospitalization caused by the Delta variant of SARS-CoV-2, compared to the BNT162b2 two-dose vaccine-induced immunity,” an Israeli study said.

If over 146 million Americans have had COVID-19, we should be at herd immunity and at a place where all mandates are unnecessary. 

Again, if we don’t need to mandate illegals to get a COVID-19 jab, why are we firing Americans from their jobs for non-compliance?

President Trump touts natural immunity and a vaccine option while advocating against mandates.

If the CDC and the Biden acknowledged natural immunity, they would have to drop the mandates.

How will the deep state control the population without draconian mandates?

In a recent article, Yahoo News briefly mentions natural immunity, saying it was discussed at a Board of Health Meeting and should be considered an alternative to vaccination.

The article even discusses how the NFL accepts natural immunity as a valid exemption.

Yahoo News has more:

Changing the focus to infection induced immunity, Commissioner Sean Swope, who remains unvaccinated, asked whether using “natural immunity” as an alternative to vaccination was being discussed in medical communication circles and with the Washington State Department of Health.

Citing antibody counts of two firefighters he knew who had COVID-19 over a year ago, Swope said he believed his research into the matter showed that having the disease does leave people with immunity.

A vaccine mandate, he said, penalizes people who have that natural immunity.

He claimed the NFL was accepting natural immunity as a valid exemption from receiving the vaccine.

“Why, if the NFL would recognize this, a powerful entity that, usually, people Sundays are consumed with watching football … Why would we not adopt the same principles?” Swope asked during the meeting.

They will continue to advocate for as much data as possible, Lewis County Health Officer Dr. Steven Krager said, and immunity after having the disease continues to be studied closely. Yet, the health officers said they simply did not have enough data to give Swope the answer he was looking for, and they believed nobody else does yet either.

Antibodies are not the only determinant of immunity, but are definitely one important piece, the health officers said.

“We just don’t have the data on COVID-19 yet,” Melnick said. “It is something we need to be working on and looking at.”

Naturally, the CDC and NIH should be “working on and looking at it,” but instead, they fund studies on beagles, monkeys, and AIDS orphans.

With all that going on, it’s no wonder they haven’t had time to study natural immunity for COVID-19.

Since the beginning, President Trump touted COVID-19 natural immunity as protection from the virus.

More recently, President Trump discussed the validity of natural immunity, as well as our freedoms, on Fox News.

Unfortunately, rigged elections have consequences.

Instead of an administration that values freedom, we have a Communist regime stripping them away.

Getting the government to acknowledge natural immunity is a critical step in taking our God-given freedoms back.

If President Trump were still in office, we would not have this problem!


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