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NO, Donald Trump Never Defended Calls to “Hang Mike Pence”


If you’ve seen the news today, you’ve likely heard the (false) story that President Trump defended calls to “hang Mike Pence.”

Like most things the media reports on President Trump, this story was wrong.

Yes, people were chanting “Hang Mike Pence” at the Capitol Building, but it was a very vocal minority.

Furthermore, Trump himself did not defend those calls.

First, let’s explore how the leftists are spinning this:

But is that what President Trump actually said?

Look, I love President Trump.

I voted for him three times: twice in the general elections and once in the primaries.

But there’s no denying that he isn’t the most eloquent speaker.

The media has used that to portray Trump as a monster or as “orange man bad.”

When you look at the transcript, it appears as though Trump was defending the calls to hang Pence.

However, if you actually listen to the recording… listen to the intonation and the inflections in his voice… it’s clear that the comments are NOT what the media is portraying it to be.

Our friends at The Federalist have an excellent breakdown:

If you’ve ever listened to a Donald Trump interview, you know that his style of communication is ranting. Members of the media are well acquainted with it, and it’s such a well-established fact that “Saturday Night Live” even uses it as the basis for some of its Trump jokes. It’s also how we get interviews like this one.

As you can tell from listening to the audio, Trump begins by telling Karl he wasn’t worried about Pence’s safety because the vice president was well-protected from the rioters at the Capitol and Trump had heard he was fine — end of story regarding Pence’s safety, as far as Trump is concerned.

Trump begins to go on a rant, but Karl jumps in, turning his attention toward the rioters. “Because you heard those chants, that was terrible. I mean, you know, the…” Karl begins before trailing off.

Trump jumps back in, first to continue his rant with “He could have—” but then to respond to Karl’s mention of unspecified chants.

“Well, the people were very angry,” Trump said, and as the former president is already off and running to explain why they were angry — they thought the election was fraudulent — that’s when Karl slips in the mention of “hang Mike Pence.”

But Trump was already on a rant about election fraud. As Karl is jumping in, Trump doesn’t even give him a chance to finish “hang M—” before he continues his previous thought: “Because it’s — it’s common sense, Jon. It’s common sense that you’re supposed to protect — how can you, if you know a vote is fraudulent, right? How can you pass on a fraudulent vote to Congress?”

This is why Trump uses the word “because.” It’s clearly not in response to Karl’s “hang Mike Pence” interjection.

In context and without interruption, Trump’s meaning is crystal clear: “Well, the people were very angry because it’s — it’s common sense, Jon. It’s common sense that you’re supposed to protect [election integrity].”

Corporate media know this about Trump’s style, and if they’ve listened to the clip, they know Trump was just finishing his train of thought as Karl slips in the mention of “hang Mike Pence” midway through. Yet the media chose to run with outrageous headlines and structure their articles with the interview included in a clean question-and-answer format.

THIS is the correct perspective.

We all know how Trump speaks.

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We know he often interrupts himself to off on tangents.

This isn’t a conspiracy. It’s common sense.

So what do you think?

Did Trump actually defend calls to hang Mike Pence?

Or is this a fabricated left-wing narrative?

Let us know in the comments section below!


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