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Say Hello to “The Great Narrative,” What Does the World Economic Forum Have Planned Now?


While everyone was distracted by the puppet jamboree in Glasgow, the globalist meeting to watch is currently taking place in the United Arab Emirates.

WEF Founder and Executive Chairman Klaus Schwab was absent from the United Nations Climate Change Conference.

That’s because Schwab has bigger things in mind than green energy or reducing carbon emissions.

The minds that brought you “The Great Reset” now present the “Great Narrative.”

What’s the Great Narrative?

In simple terms, it’s shaping the agenda to control every aspect of our lives.

Let’s find what our WEF buddies are planning for the serfs now:

You can watch public speakers from ‘The Great Narrative’ Meeting at the World Economic Forum website.

The Sociable touched on how Schwab and his cronies will use the event to brainstorm ideas on how to run our lives:

Speaking at the Great Narrative Meeting in Dubai, United Arab Emirates today, Schwab announced his intent to develop a great narrative that public and private entities will use to shape the future of humanity.

“We are here to develop the great narrative, a story for the future,” said Schwab.

“In order to shape the future, you have first to imagine the future, you have to design the future, and then you have to execute it,” he added.

“Here, I think the next two days, we will look [to] how we imagine, how we design, how we execute the great narrative, how we define the story of our world for the future.”

The Great Narrative Meeting runs for two days where the unelected globalists will brainstorm ideas on how to run society from the top-down, and they will publish their findings in a book called “The Great Narrative” in early 2022.

That should be an intriguing read for 2022.

If you tune into the Great Narrative Meeting, you may hear some spoilers.

How exactly will the WEF shape this narrative to control the global population?

The meeting focuses on five key sectors:





-future economy

Their goal is to create a more inclusive and sustainable future for humanity.

If you’re familiar with the UN Agenda 2030 and language of these globalists, then you know those terms signify more restrictions on freedom and individual liberties.

It’s their justification for greater control of society and eventual implementation of a One World Government.

“Our job is to develop people.”

Khaleej Times explains further:

The Great Narrative Meeting, jointly organised by the UAE government and the World Economic Forum (WEF), kicked off on Thursday, in Dubai, and hosted a series of interactive sessions and workshops with thought leaders, scientists, experts, and UAE ministers trying to shape the way forward for vital sectors.

Mohammad Abdullah Al Gergawi, Minister of Cabinet Affairs, and Professor Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum oversaw a panel discussion to explore the UAE’s vision for the next 50 years and the major future trends in the fields of government work, science, space, youth, advanced technology and AI solutions.

The workshops were attended by thought leaders, futurists and experts in the fields of future sciences, genetics, health, space, economy and business, environment, climate change and society.

Major future trends in the technology sector; key shifts and future trends in economy and the future narrative of this sector; future trends of global politics and the importance of promoting international cooperation and comprehensive global dialogue to achieve people’s aspirations for a better future, were discussed.

Participants talked about the future trends related to the environment and how to promote collaboration between governments, international organisations and individuals, to preserve the environment and ensure the sustainability of natural resources. They also addressed the need to create new models and opportunities through analysing the future social trends and understanding their impact on government policies.

Of course, Schwab admits that obstacles stand in the way of implementing The Great Narrative.
He states these three hurdles:
-People have become self-centered and egoistic. The future requires a common will of the people.
-We have become crisis-focused with the pandemic
-The world is so complex and simple solutions don’t suffice anymore.
The Sociable highlights Schwab’s responses to these three obstacles and explains further:
With respect to the first obstacle Schwab mentions, the WEF’s great reset itself is a polarizing agenda that, if anything, has brought the common will of the people against it — not for it — people don’t like being told they’ll own nothing and they’ll be happy.
Secondly, Schwab complains that we have all become too crisis-focused on the pandemic, yet the WEF publishes reports on the pandemic on a daily basis while constantly reminding people that the pandemic is a reason why we need a great reset.
And to Schwab’s third obstacle of the complexity growing out of not having separation between government, business, and science — that is exactly what the WEF strives to accomplish — to be the global organization for public and private stakeholder collaborations, which is a closer merger of corporation and state.
The great narrative is a continuation of the great reset — a story that attempts to legitimize a technocratic makeover of society and the global economy while claiming to work for “the benefit of mankind” with the help of technologies emerging from the so-called fourth industrial revolution.
In other words, The Great Narrative is a continuation of this attempted global fascist takeover of humanity


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