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Pro-Vaxx Evangelical Pastor Franklin Graham Undergoes Heart Surgery For Pericarditis


Influential Evangelical leader Franklin Graham urged Christians to take the experimental COVID-19 jab earlier this year.

Graham stated it would follow the example set by Jesus Christ to use modern medicine and the experimental injections to bring healing to people.

Despite the use of aborted fetal cells to develop the COVID-19 jabs, Graham noted he was pro-life and wanted to save lives.

Between waning efficacy and the frightening VAERS Reports, it’s impossible to argue these injections save lives.

Christians, and Americans of other religious affiliations, have struggled to gain exemptions from the COVID-19 jabs based on their personal convictions.

Yet, Graham used his influence to urge Christians to subject themselves to this medical experiment.

On Monday, Graham underwent heart surgery at the Mayo Clinic to remove his pericardium.

In recent months, Graham developed constrictive pericarditis, inflammation, and hardening of the sac around the heart that compresses the heart and prevents it from working properly.

He’s expected to make a full recovery and return to his normal activity.

From The Washington Times:

Evangelist Franklin Graham successfully underwent a specialized heart surgery on Monday to treat a condition which had developed in recent months, a spokesman said.

Mark Barber, a spokesman for North Carolina-based Samaritan’s Purse, said in a news release that Graham underwent the procedure at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

In recent months, according to the news release, the son of the late evangelist Billy Graham had developed constrictive pericarditis, inflammation, and hardening of the sac around the heart that compresses the heart and prevents it from working properly.

The surgery involved removing the pericardium, the statement said. Graham‘s doctors expect a full recovery and assured him that he should be able to return to his normal activity and ministry schedule.

The elephant in the room is whether or not Graham received the experimental COVID-19 injection himself.

That answer remains unclear.

Pericarditis is a potential side effect of the COVID-19 jab, and rumors continue to circulate that Graham suffered an adverse reaction.

The truth is that we don’t know.

As noticed in elite athletes, post-vax heart problems are an alarming trend the mainstream media avoids.

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How many people will suffer from cardiac episodes before the world connects the dots to the mass COVID-19 inoculation rollout?

The VAERS Report is approaching 11,000 myocarditis/pericarditis events in the United States alone.

That only consists of the reports placed into the VAERS system.

There’s no telling how many cases go unreported in the inefficient reporting system.

Of note, the CDC quietly admitted an increased risk of myocarditis & myopericarditis following the mRNA injections.

Following his surgery, will Graham continue pushing Christians to take the dangerous injections?


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