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Biden Is Costing You An Extra $700 Just On Gas!


Biden’s economic policies have been a disaster for most Americans in 2021.

Come Thanksgiving American’s will be paying double for grocery items like the traditional turkey.

Across the country, people have also noticed the HUGE spike in gas prices.

One energy expert gave an exclusive interview to Fox News noting the key factors impacting energy prices:

The American Petroleum Institute’s (API) president and CEO tells Fox News that Biden administration policies are a key factor in surging energy prices, and he expressed concern for consumers heading into winter months.

“Certainly one of the key factors is that the Biden administration has made an effort to reduce production in the United States,” Mike Sommers told Fox News in an interview.

API is a national trade association representing America’s oil and natural gas industry.

Energy prices jumped 4.8% last month and were up 30% over the past year, according to the consumer price index. The API president explained that cutting off the Keystone XL Pipeline, leasing and permitting on federal lands, and access to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska, have been consequential for the price of energy. These policies were enacted as part of Biden’s climate change initiative.

And that’s just the beginning.

Here’s the rest of the scoop:

Sommers said he is concerned prices will continue to be high “particularly going into the winter months when consumers are using more natural gas to heat their homes.”

The Energy Information Administration warned the cost of heating oil is expected to rise approximately 43% compared to last year due to “higher expected fuel costs as well as more consumption of energy due to a colder winter.” The agency expects that “nearly half of U.S. households that heat primarily with natural gas will spend 30% more than they spent last winter on average.”

But, Sommers told Fox News, “when the administration is continually putting forward new proposals to limit production in the United States, American oil and gas companies are cutting back on production.”

Granholm told Bash: “the president is all over this” and “looking at all of the tools he has” to address high gas prices.

So what we are just expected to roll over and accept the price hikes?

Remember when it didn’t cost $100 to fill up a tank?

Back in 2020 when President Trump was still rightfully in office gas prices were just around $2.00.

Now, the average American is spending $3.27 per gallon.

Here’s NewsNation with more:

The most popular car in America, the Ford F-150. gets 24 miles per gallon of gas. On average, Americans drive 13,500 miles a year, according to U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration.

When you divide 13,500 miles by how many miles per gallon the F-150 gets, that means the average American uses 562 gallons of gas a year.

562 gallons a year combined with that $3.27 price tag means Americans are spending $1,837 a year on gas.

Compared to last year when the average price was $2.19 a gallon, Americans were spending $1,230 on gas. That’s a $607 difference.

And that’s just a conservative estimate.

Many places across the country are paying upwards of $4.50 per gallon!

Just to put that into perspective Americans are now paying $700 per year extra on gas because of Biden’s policies.

So who’s hurting the most?

Well, I can tell you it’s not the avocado toast eating Californian in his $100k electric car.

It’s the people who truly make this country great.

Many American’s have been complaining about gas prices for some time:

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Under President Trump, the Unitest States was once again energy independent and we had started exporting oil again!

That’s how you keep middle easter countries, China, and Russia in check.

Being a global superpower means controlling energy not buying from countries run by dictators.

President Trump showed the world how strong America is but Biden’s number one agenda is weakening our country and making us look like fools.

It’s almost like he is representing everyone else besides American’s, well I guess that is his voter base; non-Americans.


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