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Another One Bites The Dust: MSNBC Anchor Brian Williams Leaving The Network


What is going on with all these left-wing commentators and news anchors?

Late last year we saw an MSNBC producer quit—citing concerns that the network was simply a Trump-bashing, monolithic organization, with no freedom of thought, or tolerance for other perspectives.

I have a theory, and it’s only a theory, but stay with me here….

I think that many of these leftists in the media see what is about to happen, and are anticipating the major backlash which will hit them like a freight train in the very near future.

Virtually every single ‘conspiracy’ we have covered has turned out to be true, and we currently have a ‘President’ who has a 38% approval rating, and a vice President with a 28% approval rating.

This administration has utterly failed on every single key issue from energy, to economic policy, Afghanistan, foreign policy initiatives, China, as well as Covid-19, and this isn’t even considering the fact that they cheated in a general election.

The woke perspective is quickly going to shambles, as they too miss on the key issues of the day—choosing instead to peddle gender dysphoria issues and mental illness as their hill to die on.

It shouldn’t take a rocket scientist to see what is about to happen to these people.

When we have 94% of the populace, or more, essentially saying that they have no faith in government institutions, and f**K Joe Biden chants gripping the country, it’s only a matter of time before the levy breaks.

My guess is that when Covid-19 is proved beyond a shadow of a doubt to be a ‘plandemic’ for the profit of large pharmaceutical concerns, that’s when we will see one of the most intense backlashes ever witnessed in this country.

Many people will not be able to show their faces in the street when the dust finally settles, and to this I say good….it’s about time we send the rats and cockroaches back to the gutter where they belong.

Brian Williams is doing good to quit now while he is still a little bit ahead—instead of where he is going to be when the dust settles.

Here’s more on his departure from NBC:

His departure caught the eye of CNN:

Williams expressed deep gratitude to NBC, saying the network “is a part of me and always will be.”
He is about to become a free agent for the first time in decades.

For the past five years, Williams has anchored “The 11th Hour,” an end-of-the-day newscast and political talk program. CNN Business reported in August that his contract was expiring in the next six months and that he wanted to move off the late-night hour.

Newsmax was critical of Williams:

“Brian misrepresented events which occurred while he was covering the Iraq War in 2003,” Turness wrote in a February 2015 statement. “It then became clear that on other occasions Brian had done the same while telling that story in other venues. This was wrong and completely inappropriate for someone in Brian’s position.”


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