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Texas Dad: COVID Vaccine Killed My Son!


Ernest Ramirez is a single Texas father who thought getting his son vaccinated against COVID-19 was the right thing to do.

Now that he lost his son from the jab, he’s pleading desperately to other parents not to trust our government.

And to think twice about vaccinating children for COVID-19, despite what the media and government say.

Ernesto Ramirez Jr. lost his life much too early at age 16 from the Pfizer vaccine, which caused myocarditis.

Sadly, he died shortly after only his first injection.

Mr. Ramirez says his son just wanted to play baseball.

Ernesto Ramirez Jr. also wanted to go to the airforce, so he joined the ROTC at his school.

Mr. Ramirez says he wasn’t rich, but he gave his only son everything he had, and they never lacked anything.

He thought the vaccine was the right thing to do based on the government mandates.

He believed the jab would protect his son.

Now, having lost his best friend and only child, Mr. Ramirez calls it playing Russian roulette.

This should never have happened to the Ramirez family.

According to doctors, due to myocarditis from the COVID-19 vaccine, Ernesto Ramirez Jr.’s heart was twice the size of a healthy 16-year old heart.

Now, Mr. Ramirez is advocating and spreading the word about his son’s death from the Pfizer vaccine.

Mr. Ramirez provided his testimony at a conference on injection mandates last Tuesday.

They need to stop pushing this on our children. I lost mine. You need to protect yours. I love the hell out of my country, but I don’t trust my government anymore.

The conference was hosted by Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wisc).

You can watch Mr. Ramirez’s heartbreaking testimony below:

We also have it from Rumble:

In September, Mr. Ramirez tried to set up a Go Fund Me to help him hit the streets and raise awareness.

Sadly, Go Fund Me deleted his account, citing “prohibited conduct.”

Here is more from FEE Stories:

No one knows this better than Ernest Ramirez, a grieving father whose only son died of an enlarged heart days after he allegedly was vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine. (I emailed Pfizer’s communications department on Monday and asked if they were aware of Ernesto Ramirez’s death or Ernest Ramirez’s claims. I didn’t receive a response.)

Following the death of his son, Ramirez decided to raise awareness around the issue. So he launched a GoFundMe page—but soon found his page deleted for “prohibited conduct” and his donations forfeited.

Ernest Ramirez may simply want to share his son’s story, but the message he wishes to share is a problematic one, for many.

With many still living in fear of COVID-19—even healthy and fully-vaccinated individuals—many view any information that would lend support to the vaccine hesitant as immoral. For this reason, many celebrated when campaigns were launched by Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube to crackdown on vaccine misinformation. YouTube alone removed some 800,000 pieces of content “that were misaligned in terms of science,” and the effort eventually resulted in some prominent voices, such a former New York Times reporter Alex Berenson—a vaccine skeptic—being banned on Twitter.

Fear alone, however, isn’t driving the vaccine push; politics is, as well. Across the world, there are efforts to mandate vaccination, including in the US, where the policy is supported by the Biden administration, teachers unions, and progressive leaders across the US.

Indeed, despite its risks, some already are seeking to make the Pfizer shot mandatory for children to attend school or play sports once it is fully authorized—even though children are low risk and the CDC admits vaccinated individuals can still contract and transmit COVID-19.

For people seeking to mandate vaccination, Ernesto Ramirez Jr.’s story isn’t just problematic, it’s potentially dangerous. This is why Ernest Ramirez’s campaign to inform Americans of a scientific reality—even effective vaccines that save lives come with risks that can be fatal—is being met with hostility.

Not to be deterred, Ramirez launched a separate fundraising page on Life Funder. As of Tuesday afternoon, he had received $18,514—more than 90 percent of his $20,000 goal.

Let’s help Mr. Ramirez by sharing his son’s story.

It’s time Pfizer, our government, and the MSM own up to the genocide they’ve unleashed on Americans.

Here is a link to Mr. Ramirez’s fundraising site to help him advocate against Pfizer vaccines.


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