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Was The CEO of Pfizer Arrested?


As I tell you time and time again here at WeLoveTrump, we have had one singular mission since I started this website back in 2015:  to print the truth.

It’s that simple.

And it applies to everything.

Not just the truth I like or that I agree with or that I “hope for”.

That’s not the truth.

We print the facts as they are, no more and no less.

And with that, we jump into our fact check of the day.

No, not a far-left liberal “fact check” which is actually propaganda, but a real, honest actual fact-check.

Today we analyze whether Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla was arrested on Friday.

Why are we looking into that question?

Because a website called the Conservative Beaver published an article yesterday with this headline:

Wow, what a headline right?

Would be amazing…..if true.

Do I personally WANT to see the head of Pfizer arrested for crimes against humanity?

You’re damn right I do.

But…..did it happen?

Two different questions.

You can’t let your personal wishes lead you astray from any basis of truth or reality and unfortunately everyone reposting this story and believing it is true has a tenable grasp at reality — at best.

Sorry, I said it and it’s true.

Let’s break it down, shall we?

To believe this story is true is to believe that some website called The Conservative Beaver has the story and no one else?

Folks, does that pass the smell test?


I’m sorry, but it doesn’t.

It’s not logical to assume something so big and so massive happened and only the “Conservative Beaver” (what a stupid name anyway) has the story.

Come on, that makes no sense.

Not only that, but the Conservative Beaver claims they have the story because an FBI Agent talked to them:

Albert Bourla faces fraud charges for his role in deceiving customers on the effectiveness of the COVID-19 “vaccine.” Pfizer is accused of falsifying data, and paying out large bribes. According to an FBI agent that spoke to the Conservative Beaver, Pfizer lied about the effectiveness of the vaccines, and mislead customers about the serious side effects the vaccines can produce. Pfizer is accused of paying off governments and the mainstream media to stay silent.

Come on people, really?

If you believe that the FBI just randomly decided to talk about an ongoing investigation (would never happen) to some outlet called the Conservative Beaver (double would never happen) then you need to have your head examined.

Or your heart.

Because I’m sure your heart is in the right place wanting SO BADLY to believe this story, but your heart is not thinking even remotely logically.

My favorite quote of the article is this completely nonsensical paragraph:

The police have ordered a media blackout, which was immediately approved by a judge. Conservative Beaver is based in Canada, and not subject to American law.

Wow, that’s badly written!

The “police” ordered a media blackout?


Which police?

The New York Police?

So they just ordered a “Media Blackout” and everyone like CNN, MSDNC and every other single outlet in the world is honoring the Media Blackout?

Folks, this is so insane it’s laughable.

Except the joke is on anyone who reads this and believes it is true.

They.  Are.  Laughing.  At.  You.

And that’s why I wrote this article.

Because crap like this gives all conservatives a bad name.

We don’t have to resort to this.

We don’t have to resort to something that doesn’t even pass First Grade logic.

Come on folks, we are MUCH better than this.

Or at least we should be.

Now setting aside basic logic, how else do I know it is false?

Because said CEO of Pfizer was on CNBC yesterday after this article was published:


If you get your news from the “Conservative Beaver” it might be time to rethink your life.

And if you want news you can actually trust, stick with

We publish REAL news and TRUTH….wherever we find it.


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