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Trump: “I’ll Bet You I Could Get [Gas] Down to $2.00 or $2.50”


Inflation is wrecking havoc on the United State economy.

This is a fact that President Donald Trump has noticed, as it was brought up during his recent interview with Judge Jeanine.

Specifically, the two discussed gas prices raising across the country. 

Judge Jeanine brought up the fact that gas prices in California have eclipsed $7 a gallon.

President Trump was highly critical of Joe Biden over the rising prices, blaming him for slowly killing the energy industry.

Trump claimed that he could get gas prices down within six months, if given the opportunity:

“I could get that down within six months. I’ll bet you I could get it down to $2.00 or $2.50. It’s going to be over $10.00.”

He also believes that Biden simply doesn’t know what he’s doing or how to fix the issue.

Fox News provided a transcript of the portion of the interview about the gas crisis:

TRUMP: And now, yesterday, they had in a certain section of California $7.70. It's always the lead. It's going to follow and it's going to go a lot higher than that and Biden sent people to go see Russia, Saudi Arabia, and other members of OPEC that we need help, because we don't have enough.

Now when you talk about inflation, the biggest factor in my opinion is no energy. The trucks, the factories, everything, the deliveries, the planes, everything -- it is so energy based that the energy now is so expensive to get. We don't have enough oil.

You know I filled up the Strategic Reserves for almost nothing. When oil hit bottom, we had -- we were almost empty with the reserves and nobody thought of it. I said you know, this would be a great time to fill it up. We'll buy it cheap.

I never got credit. I don't think anybody has ever mentioned it, but I bought 75 million barrels, I believe it was. Seventy five million barrels, which is a massive order. It was good for two things. The prices got so low that it was hurting our energy jobs, and we bought it cheap as hell and it's -- now, he wants to use that energy, that oil that I bought at a great price.

It should be used in cases of emergency. He wants to now drain it so that the prices come down.

PIRRO: But even he said, it'll save us about 18 cents a gallon.

TRUMP: Oh it's not 18 cents.

PIRRO: He doesn't --

TRUMP: No, it would save -- we could -- I could get that down within six months. I'll bet you I could get it down to $2.00 or $2.50. It's going to be over $10.00.

PIRRO: Well, doesn't he know how to do it?

TRUMP: Well, I don't think he does, because his answer was weird. You can get it down a few cents. A few cents? No. You get it down many dollars.

Americans are taking note of Joe Biden's insane gas prices:

President Donald Trump's claim that he could reduce gas prices in a short period of time has plenty of merit too.

Under his presidency, gas prices were much lower than $2.00 a gallon, a fact that many Twitter users provided photographic proof of:

As Leo Terrell stated over a week ago on Fox News, these rising gas prices are a "self-infected wound" by the Biden Administration:


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