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“Let’s Go Brandon” Tops Music Charts with FOUR Separate Songs!


The media should have just let the crowd run with the FJB chants.

Instead, they tried to cover it up as a “Let’s Go Brandon” chant for the NASCAR driver interviewed when “FJB” erupted.

This is backfiring on them now!

Bryson Gray’s “Let’s Go Brandon” has been comfortable at #1 on the iTunes music chart since Sunday.

EVEN though banned on YouTube and various platforms.

If that wasn’t enough to show the state of our country, “Let’s Go Brandon” appears in three other songs on the TOP TEN iTunes music chart.

What started as one FJB theme song has turned into four top songs in America right now!

Conservatives are quickly proving their purchasing power by flocking to iTunes and driving sales.

The Gateway Pundit reports this is what the chart looked like:

Allegedly, the reason for banning Gray’s #1 song is that it contains “harmful false information” about the current COVID-19 pandemic.

A few of his lyrics:

 “Pandemic ain’t real they just planned it.”

“You ask questions they start bannin.”

“These politicians are demons just in disguise.”

“Look at Australia that’s what coming next if we don’t stand up

Stop complying with them taking our rights it’s time to man up.”

No wonder the Communists were quick to ban this song!

Even with the YouTube ban, “Let’s Go Brandon” is clearly on Americans’ minds.

The New York Post has more:

The song is still available on the YouTube Music offshoot, but fans have flooded iTunes, purchasing the song and sending it soaring to the top of the charts. Over the weekend, the song outsold Adele’s huge new track, her first new music in six years.

Speaking about his YouTube ban, Gray told The Post: “If you’re going to ban people, you’ve got to remain consistent. There’s rap songs out there about killing people. On YouTube you can talk about murder, you can talk about sex, you can talk about whatever you want, but I can’t simply question the narrative or I’ll get banned. When did they start banning art?”

Gray was also profiled in the New Yorker magazine back in 2019, claiming he used to support Barack Obama and Bernie Sanders — before realizing he was a fan of Trump.

Meanwhile, his new track isn’t the only anti-Biden song to shoot up the charts.

Another track, also titled “Lets Go Brandon,” is now sitting at No. 2 on iTunes. The song was composed by rapper Loza Alexander in the aftermath of the NBC-NASCAR scandal.

“Let’s go Brandon/ You know what they really sayin’ though,” the chorus of that song states.

Gray believes the fact that his song shot up the charts alongside Alexander’s track is proof that the conservative culture is in ascendance.

“I feel like this is what’s coming,” he told The Post. “I hope record labels are scared. I don’t need a record label. We’re coming and the culture will change, and I hope they [ the left] are scared.”

Gray was on Glenn Bleck and thought if we all paid attention more, we can create change in a positive light.

His song is definitely creating change in the music industry!

Snopes is coming to the defense, saying that Gray’s song is not #1.

Apparently, Snopes thinks a song that’s streamed the most should be #1, not the song with the most sales.

Clearly, they are misguided, as they are in everything they fact check!

Below is more from Left-leaning Snopes:

Some social media users (and journalists) also appeared to be confused by the fact that Apple Music and iTunes are two different services. If a song is at the top of iTunes, that doesn’t mean that it’s the top of Apple Music.

iTunes is a media library and digital store where people can purchase songs and albums. Apple Music is a streaming service where people pay a subscription to listen to all of the songs in Apple Music’s catalog. As noted above, a significantly more number of people listen to music via a subscription streaming service than purchasing and downloading individual songs.

The song with the most streams on Apple Music is, again, Adele’s “Easy on Me.” As of this writing, there are no versions of “Let’s Go Brandon” in Apple Music’s top 100 songs.

You can watch Bryson Gray’s #1 “Let’s Go Brandon” [Ft. Tyson James & Chandler Crump] below safely on Rumble:

The music is triggering Biden fans.

Some call it “threatening to the president.”

Did these people share the same outrage when Kathy Griffin posed with President Trump’s severed head?

The rate the “Let’s Go Brandon” songs have climbed to the top 10 spots shows America’s true feelings about the Resident in chief.

If anyone still thinks Biden won the election, show them the other “Let’s Go Brandon” songs, chants, and shoutouts below:

#2 “Let’s Go Brandon (Extended Version)” By Loza Alexander on Rumble

 “Let’s Go Brandon” By Loza Alexander on Rumble:

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