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UK Government to Roll Out Social Credit System January 2022


Can we say those kooky conspiracy theorists were right again?

Remember when a social credit scheme was beyond our wild imaginations in the western world?

For the United Kingdom, that becomes reality starting in January 2022.

How will their social credit system begin?

With your health, ironically.

After 1.5 years of refusing to give the public basic health tips in wake of COVID-19, they finally start caring about healthy lifestyles.

While this social credit system starts with personal health, how long until it’s expanded to all aspects of life?

When does it morph into a full CCP-style social credit system?

Here’s how the UK plans to launch their system:

From the UK Government Press Release:

  • Points awarded for increasing step count and eating more fruit and veg which can be redeemed for gym passes and discounts at selected shops
  • HeadUp Systems awarded contract to develop a new app with £3 million in government funding made available for rewards

A new app to help people make positive changes to their diet and physical activity will launch next year, the government has announced today.

From January 2022, a pilot will see users wear wrist-worn devices that can generate personalised health recommendations, such as increasing their step count, eating more fruit and vegetables and decreasing portion size.

Users will collect points for these healthy behaviours which will unlock rewards, which could include gym passes, clothes or food vouchers and discounts for shops, cinema or theme park tickets.

Following a competitive tender process, HeadUp has been chosen to deliver the new scheme, with £3 million also coming from the Department of Health and Social Care to provide incentives.

Evidence suggests that financial incentives can improve rates of physical activity and inspire healthier eating so HeadUp will work with a range of organisations to provide rewards such as vouchers, merchandise, discounts and gift cards.

The government is committed to helping people lead healthier, happier lives by making it easier for people to make healthy choices.

Health and Social Care Secretary, Sajid Javid said:

I want to ensure we’re doing as much as we can to tackle health disparities across the country, and this new pilot will pave the way for developing innovative ways to improve the lives of individuals, and also help to reduce strain on the NHS.

The Office of Health Improvement and Disparities is driving forward our levelling up agenda for health and ensuring prevention is a vital part of everything we do.

This pilot is an excellent opportunity to find how best to inspire people to make small changes to their daily lives that will have a lasting positive impact on their health.

As part of our world-leading healthy weight strategy, the new scheme will be part of the Office for Health Improvement and Disparities’ (OHID) drive to use digital technology to improve physical health and prevent health conditions before they develop.

In case they scrub the clip, here’s a backup courtesy of Rumble:

The Expose provided details about HeadUp:

A company known as HeadUp has been chosen to deliver the pilot social credit system scheme, with the Government claiming another £3 million also coming from the Department of Health and Social Care to provide incentives, but in reality the £3 million is coming from the British taxpayer.

HeadUp has offices around the world and the HeadUp team has 20+ years experience in health tech and insurtech. The company has partnerships with Apple, FitBit, Garmin as well as the US Military, leading life and health insurers and now the UK Government.

The company was founded by Glenn Riseley, an Australian who spent 14 years in the corporate wellness sector. To give you an idea of what the HeadUp business is really about we took a look at some of the statements made by CEO Glenn Risely in various blog posts on the HeadUp site.

Glenn Riseley doesn’t believe the customer is always right, and claims it his company’s job to know what customers really need. How do they do this? By collecting as much data on you as possible of course.

Glenn Riseley thinks he knows what’s best for everyone.

He wants to do your thinking for you.

That’s why he wants data and information on all customers.

Don’t worry about what’s best for you.

Glenn Riseley will decide that.

And for UK citizens, so will their government.

The UK government thinks it knows what’s best to improve the health of citizens.

But where does it end?

The pilot scheme starts with healthy lifestyles, but it’s really a trojan horse to implement a social credit system for every aspect of life.

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The Expose highlighted the big picture:

This Government now wants to control what you eat and monitor your supermarket spending, and your daily exercise activities. If the Government can reward you for doing what it wants you to do, then it can certainly punish you if you refuse to do so, especially if they bring in a digital currency.

Just look at China’s Social Credit System. It is a broad regulatory framework, intended to report on the ‘trustworthiness’ of individuals, corporations, and governmental entities across China.

While you’re rewarded for eating fruits & vegetables today, tomorrow your reward may be praising your government on social media.

And the social credit system morphs into this:


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