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ON THE GROUND REPORT: Protestors Against COVID-19 Jab Mandate “Storm” Barclays Center to Stand With Kyrie Irving


On Sunday, the Barclays Center made headlines.

While the Brooklyn Nets hosted their first home game, basketball isn’t what made the arena trend on social media.

Protestors outside the venue caught the attention of the entire nation.

As usual, the mainstream media is spewing lies and doesn’t want to give an honest report.

That’s where I’ll step in.

Because yours truly was in attendance and will set the record straight.

Protestors marched the streets of Brooklyn to the Barclays Center in support of Kyrie Irving and to fight NYC’s COVID-19 jab mandate.

Irving refused the experimental injection, and the Nets suspended him until he’s eligible to be a full participant on the team.

That means until he complies and takes the COVID-19 jab.

Before marching to the Barclays Center, the rally started at nearby Commodore Barry Park with recording artist Jimmy Levy.

After multiple speeches from pro-freedom of choice activists and a performance from Levy, protestors marched onward to the Barclays Center.

Protestors chanted “Stand with Kyrie” to support Irving’s medical freedom of choice:

Here’s where the protest caught the media’s attention.

Moments after ascending onto Barclays Center Plaza, some protestors hopped the barricade towards the arena entrance.

Others simply walked through the open space toward the doors to make their voices heard.

Security attempted to stop protestors from moving forward and fiercely guarded the entrance.

For a moment, the tense situation led to a standoff between security and protestors.

Watch below:

Officials briefly locked down the Barclays Center and nobody reported injuries.

However, spectators waited longer to get inside.

Many fans ended up missing most of the first half.

Do I feel bad fans missed a portion of their segregated sporting event?

No way!

Because the spectators deserve their fellow New Yorkers telling them they’re complying with Medical Jim Crow.

Other protestors stood on the street chanting “Wake Up New York” while holding “Stand With Kyrie” signs.

Additional footage captured the tense moments outside the Barclays Center while fans attempted to enter the arena with their COVID-19 vaccine passport.

If you’ve paid close attention to the footage, you’ll notice the diversity of the protestors.

Black Lives Matter hoodies, MAGA hats, Don’t Tread on Me flags, and American flags all make appearances in the clips.

Groups who normally wouldn’t stand together have dropped their political differences to rise up against tyrannical COVID-19 jab mandates.

The mainstream media can no longer get away with their lies stating it’s only MAGA or white supremacists fighting vaccine mandates.

New York Freedom Rally, Teachers for Choice, BLM of Greater New York, Medical Freedom activists, and others formed a coalition against the mandates.

From NY Teachers for Choice:

I immediately received both major praise and major criticism from other Medical Freedom activists over this interview. There are many who view Hawk’s disdain for the police as a non-starter for coalition building. At the same token, Hawk views embracing the police as a major deterrent for building a coalition with many Medical Freedom fighters.

Nevertheless Hawk was optimistic that we can find a way to struggle together.

Hawk has multiple issues with standing side-by-side with people holding “Thin Blue Line” flags. As everyone knows Hawk is a prominent activist against police brutality and is an outspoken abolitionist, meaning he believe the policing system as we know it should be abolished. In our interview he suggested that we brainstorm to figure out how we can struggle together while maintaining respect for BLM’s position against police and police brutality. If that can happen, Hawk believes we can cause NYC “so many headaches they would have to bend to our will” on ending vaccine passports and mandates.

I brought up the fact that the police are against the mandates as well – what an interesting political reality! A position that BLM Greater New York holds is the same as the PBA position.

I do not agree with Hawk on everything, but I stand with him and BLM Greater New York for their brave stance against vaccine mandates and passports. It is critical to note that BLM Greater New York has no affiliation with the national Black Lives Matter non-profit, which is essentially a supporter of vaccine mandates.

BLM Greater New York co-founder Hawk Newsome called to shut NYC down until the abolishment of all mandates.

Predictably, media pundits attempted to obscure this united front against vaccine mandates.

Jemele Hill laughably compared the “Stand with Kyrie” protest to “January 6th energy.”

And look who fact-checked her lie:

And I caught this headline from The Blaze:

I’ll have to debunk this headline too.

The “Stand with Kyrie” protest wasn’t staged by one specific group.

It’s a coalition of diverse groups finding common ground on defeating COVID-19 jab mandates from the likes De Blasio and Biden.

Multiple groups banded together for this protest.

But The Blaze gets credit for highlighting the protest’s diverse makeup:

Demonstrators called for an end to New York City’s vaccine mandate, and carried signs that read: “End medical mandates” and “No digital passports.” There were also protesters supporting the Nets basketball player with “Stand with Kyrie” signs.

The crowd of protesters was extremely diverse, with conservatives with American, Gadsden, and “F*** Biden” flags, along with Black Lives Matter supporters, and a woman with a “Vegan unvaxxed” sign.

To further highlight the diversity of NYC’s anti-vaccine mandate protests, I’ll list several groups and/or affiliations represented in the crowd.




-Thin Blue Line




-Classical Liberals

-Nation of Islam




Contrary to De Blasio and Biden’s intent to divide the people, it’s creating alliances we never thought possible.

But there’s potentially more groups set to join the movement.

On Monday, protestors will march across the Brooklyn Bridge to City Hall.

The protest is a direct response to De Blasio’s COVID-19 mandate on all city workers.

That means police officers, fire fighters, corrections officers, EMS workers, and sanitation could join the party.

It’s potentially a historic day to forever shape NYC’s future.


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