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Man Threatening to Kill Matt Gaetz Traveled to D.C., Biden’s DOJ Refuses to Arrest


In America, there is a two-tiered justice system.

One for the elites, another for the rest of us.

So, of course, the Department of Justice treats Republicans differently than Democrats.

Look at the preferential treatment given to Hunter Biden and Hillary Clinton.

When the Biden Crime family received money from foreign countries for business dealings, where was the Department of Justice?

Why hasn’t the Department of Justice investigated the Clinton Foundation for alleged child trafficking?

Clearly, the Department of Justice is good at looking the other way when it fits their agenda.

The newest casualty of the Department of Justice’s corruption seems to be Florida Representative Matt Gaetz.

Gaetz spoke to the House floor yesterday about how someone is trying to kill him.

Not only that, but the man threatening to kill Gaetz traveled to Washington D.C.

The Capitol Police then recommended the man’s arrest.

However, the DOJ refused to do so!

Gaetz himself says The Department of Justice has a double standard. 

He mentions how if his last name were Omar or Talib, things would look much different.

You can read the transcript below from Conservative Brief:

REP. MATT GAETZ (R-FL): I thank the gentleman for yielding because I think someone may be trying to kill me. And if they are successful, I would like my constituents and my family to know who stopped their arrest. Madam Speaker, on October 8, 2021, a Twitter handle, styled, CIA Bob is at your door, tweeted to @RepMattGaetz, ‘Looky here, pal. I lived in Portland. Portland has ordered a hit on you. I accepted the contract. Have a good day.’ Following this tweet, this individual traveled to Washington, D.C., and the Capitol Police recommended his arrest. That’s information that was just shared with me by the investigations and threat assessment section of the Protective Services Bureau, and specifically, George [last name], and George shared with me that the Capitol Police recommended the arrest of this individual and that the Department of Justice refused to do so, declined to do so. And on the eve of the Attorney General testifying before the Judiciary Committee tomorrow, it is just yet another example of the Department of Justice having a double standard. If my name weren’t Gaetz, if it were Omar or Tlaib, you bet this person would have been arrested because that’s what the Capitol Police recommended. But the Department of Justice doesn’t seem to care so much when it’s Republicans.

If you’d rather watch, check out Gaetz’s speech on Rumble below:

During Gaetz’s speech, he mentions just learning additional details about the threat.

The details came from the investigations and threat assessment section of the Protective Services Bureau.

Instead of taking death threats on a Republican Representative’s life seriously, the mainstream media focuses on Gaetz’s alleged “child sex trafficking investigation.”

Some on Twitter even called for Gaetz’s removal from the Judiciary Committee and to “lock him up.”

Pretty sure we still need to “lock HER up!”

Even though Gaetz has not been charged and has denied wrongdoing, the media still treats him as though he’s guilty.

Why didn’t the Biden Crime family or the Clinton Foundation receive the same treatment?

Maybe because the New York Times, the Democrat’s best friend, is driving the story?

Raw Story has more on Gaetz’s alleged investigation:

The Washington-based prosecutors recently joined a team of authorities in Florida who’ve been looking into whether Gaetz violated federal law by providing goods or payments to a 17-year-old girl in exchange for sex, the New York Times reported Thursday.

Gaetz has not yet been charged and has denied wrongdoing. His alleged “wingman,” former tax collector Joel Greenberg, pleaded guilty to sex trafficking the same 17-year-old girl, and is cooperating with the DOJ’s investigation.

According to the Times, the Washington prosecutors’ expertise includes “dealing with children who have been exploited but may not see themselves as having been victimized, which can complicate trials if they are called as witnesses.”


Amanda Kramer, a former federal prosecutor in Manhattan who supervised sex trafficking cases for a decade, told the Times that legally, the victim’s state of mind is not a factor juries should consider when determining whether laws were violated.

“Technically, the government needs only to prove that the child was underage when the sexual activity occurred and that the child received something of value in exchange for it,” the Times reports. “But, Ms. Kramer said, the defense could try to use such witness testimony to confuse the jury or sour the legitimacy of the prosecution, although many judges would most likely shut down such a line of questioning.”

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Kramer told the NYT: “It’s not uncommon for teens who have been trafficked to view themselves as willing participants and not as victims, often as a result of psychological manipulation by their traffickers. That’s one of many dynamics that make sex trafficking cases challenging for prosecutors, but it’s far from fatal to the case.

The Department of Justice acts according to the deep state’s agenda.

If the Department of Justice was so concerned with child trafficking, wouldn’t they investigate Hillary and Bill first?


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