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Colorado Teachers are Allegedly Taping Masks to the Faces of Middle School Children


Ladies and gentlemen, if you haven’t figured it out by now, teachers are failing your children.

For just a moment, let’s look beyond the fact that they aren’t preparing children for real world issues.

Let’s even look beyond the fact that they are brainwashing children with lies such as critical race theory.

Let’s instead talk about the mask mandates that have been forced upon these poor kids.

This generation of children is already being scarred for life by not being allowed to breathe freely without masks.

One Colorado school has taken it even further now.

A 6th grade girl from Chinook Trail Middle School told her mother that a teacher taped her mask to her face with bluer painter’s tape.

She also shared a picture with her mother through text.

The student alleges that the teacher gave her “one warning” to keep the mask over her nose before taping it.

An investigation is now underway.

Here's this disturbing story from Daily Mail:

Teachers in a school district in Colorado are allegedly taping face masks to kids' faces.

An investigation is underway after a sixth-grader from Chinook Trail Middle School sent a selfie to her mother with her mask taped to her face using blue painter's tape.

Stephanie Butler, the young girl's mother, told Fox21 she posted the photo on Friday to make other parents aware of the strict mask policy and to see if other students were 'being taped'. The disturbing photo has since made its rounds on social media.

'It's a type of restraint to me,' Butler told the news station. She said that her daughter explained that her teacher gave her one warning to keep the mask over her nose or she would have to tape it to keep it up.

The worried mother then questioned her daughter, asking why she had the tape over her face.

The sixth-grader told her mom that the harsh mandate went into effect weeks ago and teachers have been enforcing it. 'It's a new thing, if we can't keep our mask on our nose, we get taped,' she wrote in a text message.

In the past, when something this heinous occured in the US, it would be called out by all Americans for being evil.

If you are expecting that to be the case now, you'd be sadly mistaken.

A similar instance occurred just last month in another school in Las Vegas.

In that instance, a teacher was accused of taping a mask to a 9-year-old's face, completely humiliating the child.

The New York Post covered that story last month:

A “furious” Las Vegas mom is calling for the resignation of a substitute teacher who allegedly taped a face mask to her 9-year-old son after he forgot to wear it in class.

“He was very upset. He was crying. He was humiliated,” the anonymous parent told told local Fox outlet KVVU-TV of the incident, which occurred at Reedom Elementary School in Mountain’s Edge. Since July, the Clark County School District has required masks in schools, regardless of age or COVID-19 vaccination status.

The sticky situation reportedly began after the fourth-grader neglected to don his face cover after getting up to grab a drink of water.

However, instead of simply telling him to put it back on, the female teacher “pulled him up in front of the classroom” and “taped the mask across the top of his face,” the distraught mother claimed, adding that this caused the boy’s classmates to burst out laughing. The educator also reportedly slapped a second layer of adhesive to the top of the boy’s forehead.

When is enough enough for parents?

Schools cannot be trusted anymore.


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