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Is a Globalist Utopia Being Built in America?


It’s no secret anymore that Bill Gates owns the most private farmland in the United States.

What’s the reason for Gates buying all this farmland?

We can speculate numerous reasons.

Build quarantine camps,  design futuristic cities, control the food supply, grow GMO crops, etc.

Our minds can wander about the sinister things he wants for the world.

How about constructing an ‘egalitarian utopia’ for his globalist buddies?

Gates once proposed to build a ‘Smart City’ in Arizona.

But Gates isn’t the only elitist with visions of a utopian society.

Another billionaire executive has proposed bold plans to design a futuristic metropolis in the desert.

Ex-Walmart executive Marc Lore announced his intentions to construct a $400 billion utopia named ‘Telosa.’

USA Today featured Lore’s utopian desert fantasy:

Lore, the former president of Walmart e-commerce and co-founder of and, is attempting to spearhead the conceptual and financial building blocks for Telosa, a Utopian city in the middle of the desert announced last month.

Telosa’s location is being targeted in the American West desert or Appalachia with plans to shepherd in a reformed version of capitalism with a focus on societal inclusion over division. Lore envisions Telosa having equal access health care, excellent schooling and safe environments for families, regardless of income. Even further, he aims for Telosa to be a diverse place housing various races, genders, sexual orientations, religions and political affiliations.

But exactly how the “city of the future” is built is both risky and complicated. Experts and researchers have long maintained that too many financial hurdles can stand in the way, with one 2014 study arguing that “the ability of eco-cities to achieve their utopian ambitions may be limited by the realities of operating within a profit-driven, entrepreneurial planning environment.”

Yet that’s where Lore feels like Telosa can be different, and understanding the colossal “how” of the project means understanding the “why” for Lore.

Lore describes Telosa’s concept as “equitism,” a mixture of equality and capitalism.

If Lore’s vision becomes reality, he expects 50,000 Telosa ‘settlers’ to move into the Utopian city by 2030.

Yahoo News described the lifestyle for Telosa settlers:

Residents would get around in autonomous vehicles, and the city would run on renewable energy, Telosa’s website promised.

While citizens of Telosa would be able to build their own homes and sell them, the city would maintain ownership of the land itself, Lore told USA Today’s Scott Gleeson on Sunday. He called his vision for the city “equitism” – a mashup of equality and capitalism.

“The sole purpose of creating a city in the desert would be so it’s owned by the community, basically take all the appreciation of the land and give it back to the citizens,” Lore told USA Today. “Taxes paid will go back to the city for infrastructure – roads, tunnels and bridges – so everyone would know exactly where their money is going.”

It’s an ambitious endeavor, and an expensive one: The city’s website estimated the first phase would cost $25 billion, with the total cost of the city surpassing $400 billion. It would be funded by investors and philanthropists, as well as government grants and subsidies, the Telosa website said.

It sounds awfully close to “You will own nothing and be happy.”

With space for 50,000 residents, who gets invited to live in this utopia?

Will all these resources be reserved for the global elite?

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How many of us will be deemed worthy to live in Telosa?

Russell Brand shared his thoughts:

Read all about Telosa and Marc Lore’s utopian vision at the city’s website.

Call me skeptical but this smells like a futuristic feudal system if you ask me.

Anyone in the 99% declared worthy enough to live in this egalitarian utopia will be a modern-day serf.


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