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Chicago Police Hold the Line Against Vaccine Mandates While City Threatens Pensions


Violence in Chicago remains at an unprecedented high.

Chicago Major Lori Lightfoot has done little to address the issue.

Or befriend the department that keeps Chicago safe.

Instead of encouraging morale within the department that recently suffered the traffic loss of two officers, Lightfoot slapped officers with vaccine mandates.

Now, Chicago police must make the tough decision whether to protect the streets they love or stand for their freedom and lose their livelihood.

On Friday, Chicago police received an order to submit their vaccination status on the City’s portal.

If the officer chose to comply, they enter their vaccination status on the portal.

Unvaccinated police must get tested twice a week at their own expense.

The officers holding the line and not turning over their private vaccination status were told they would be put on unpaid leave.

Following up on the mandate, Superintendent David Brown sent a memo around CPD Sunday further threatening unvaccinated police.  

The memo threatens non-compliant police with a ‘disciplinary investigation’ possibly resulting in job AND pension loss.

Brown included further orders with the memo, demanding it read at all CPD roll calls.

Unvaccinated officers now face the unnecessary and tricky decision to comply under duress or lose their job and pension.

ABC 7 News has more:

The memo escalates contention between Mayor Lori Lightfoot and the Chicago police union.

“TO BE READ AT ALL ROLL CALLS FOR SEVEN (7) CONSECUTIVE DAYS. This AMC message informs Department members of consequences of disobeying a direct order to comply with the City of Chicago’s Vaccination Policy issued 8 October 2021 and being the subject of the resulting disciplinary investigation. A Department member, civilian or sworn, who disobeys a direct order by a supervisor to comply with the City of Chicago’s Vaccination Police issued 8 October 2021 will become the subject of a disciplinary investigation that could result in a penalty up to and including separation from the Chicago Police Department. Furthermore, sworn members who retire while under disciplinary investigations may be denied retirement credentials. Any questions concerning this AMC message may be directed to the Legal Affairs Division via e-mail,” the memo said.


This comes as the Fraternal Order of Police convened a member meeting for the second time this week at its West Loop headquarters, as the Friday deadline for all city workers to comply with Chicago’s vaccine mandate requirements has come and gone, and a day after CPD issued an initial memo effectively limiting officers’ ability to take time off until further notice.

Chicago has 12,770 police on its force.

So far, 8,200 report their vaccination status on the City’s portal. 

4,500 City of Chicago Police have not complied with the mandate as of today.

Recent reports show 1,333 officers refuse to report their vaccination status.

With only 64% in compliance, CPD has the lowest vaccination of all City departments.

Lightfoot also warned officers if they did not comply with the mandate, the City would come after them today.

As promised by the memo, some Chicago Police officers were sent home without pay today for non-compliance.

The Mayor doesn’t seem concerned with the loss of officers on Chicago’s streets.

Unfortunately, one Chicago officer was shot in the face today on the City’s north side.


Yet Lightfoot continues with Draconian mandates and Biden’s agenda.

Lightfoot claims to care about the public health of Chicagoans.

If she’s so concerned about COVID-19, why did she attend the packed Chicago Sky basketball game maskless Sunday evening?


Another case of rules for thee but not for me!

Thankfully, Chicago FOP President John Catanzara is fighting for the medical freedom of the Chicago Police.

John Catanzara has been a vocal advocate encouraging the CPD to hold the line against vaccine mandates.

Catanzara initially told officers to file for a vaccine exemption but not enter that information into the City’s portal.

The Chicago FOP President stated that he doesn’t believe the City has the authority to mandate that or information about medical history.

He posted instructions on the Chicago FOP website, alerting officers of the following steps if given an order to report vaccination status.

Officers were able to use that letter to present to their superiors.

The website also includes steps to take when given direct order information.

Here’s more from the Chicago FOP website:

If a member is notified they are not in compliance with the portal, you will have to be given a verbal direct order by a supervisor of any rank to complete it. Please ensure you have a body camera if possible and have it activated. The supervisor will likely instruct you to turn it off. Ask for their name and star # if unknown to you before turning off. They have an obligation to provide that info just as you have to comply with turning off the camera.

If you get a direct order to complete the portal, you only have 2 choices at that point. Comply or Refuse. If you comply and answer NO to having the vaccination then you will be subjected to testing. Once given the order you can go over the zone and obtain an event #, then record that in the to/from provided below. If you refuse then you will likely be placed into a no pay status and possibly stripped of your police powers, though having a few thousand officers stripped would seem impossible. There will be extra attorneys on call for those willing to ignore the order.

This decision is going to be yours to make. The city and brass have done everything to divide us. Let’s not join them in that effort. Respect each other’s choices.

Whatever number days in a no pay status, it will result in a class action grievance for all to recover wages, time and benefits. Until that remedy is resolved, those days will count against pension calculation.

Field reps have more info along with unit and watch reps.

I want to point out the obvious. We are on our own here and only have each other. NOT A SINGLE exempt rank came to our defense. I hope ALL of you realize that the boss you have DOESN’T give a damn about you. Remember that when they come asking for numbers. If you play ball with them, you are only empowering them to continue this insanity. You might not feel directly impacted at this given moment but this situation impacts the majority of the membership. We need to be our brother and sisters keeper.

Catanzara and the unvaccinated cops holding the line keep triggering Lightfoot.

Lightfoot is even claiming that the Chicago Fraternal Order of Police is “attempting to induce an insurrection.”


Forcing someone to do something they morally and ethically disagree with to keep their job is blackmail.

While it seems like CPD versus Lightfoot, it’s a battle between good and evil.

Let’s pray for all who continue to hold the line in the fight for medical freedom.


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