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Pentagon Is Shocked After China Launches Nuclear Supersonic Missiles From Space


While the Pentagon is busy posting pictures of their manicures and pushing for critical race theory, China is preparing to take war into space.

Reports have just broke out revealing in August China’s military launched supersonic missiles that were able to circle the globe and get in close range to its target.

US intelligence officials are in complete disbelief and are utterly caught by surprise by the accomplishment.

However one person isn’t shocked and that’s President Trump.

In 2019 Trump signed a new bill that officially made Space Force a branch of the U.S. Military; due to the fact he knew China and Russia would take war into space soon.

The New York Post covered the big story:

China tested a nuclear-capable hypersonic missile in August that circled the globe before speeding towards its target, The Financial Times reported.

The test shows China has advanced space capability that “caught US intelligence by surprise,” the outlet reported.

Citing five people “familiar with the test,” the report said the Chinese military launched a rocket that carried a hypersonic glide vehicle, which flew through low-orbit space before cruising toward its target.

It missed the target by about two-dozen miles, but shows China’s “astounding progress” on hypersonic weapons, the report said.

The U.S., Russia and China have all been working on hypersonic weapons. Russia tested one such missile in July. The US plans to outfit all of the Navy’s destroyers with these missiles, which can travel five times faster than the speed of sound. That makes them slower than some existing ballistic missiles, but unlike the older technology, hypersonic missiles can be controlled after launch, making it easier to evade defense systems.

None of this is new to Trump look what he said in 2018:

Aljazeera didn’t stay silent and had this to say:

China has tested a new space capability with a hypersonic missile, according to the Financial Times (FT).

The report, citing multiple sources familiar with the test, said on Saturday that Beijing launched the nuclear-capable missile in August.

The missile circled the Earth at low orbit before speeding towards its target, according to the sources, “demonstrating an advanced space capability that caught US intelligence by surprise”.

Three people briefed on the intelligence told the FT that the missile missed its target by more than 20 miles (32 kilometres).

However, two said the “test showed that China had made astounding progress on hypersonic weapons and was far more advanced than US officials realised”.

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