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Viral Photo Shows COVID-19 Patient From Medical Center Hospital in Odessa, Texas Wearing Plastic Bag Over Head


COVID-19 has exposed a level of incompetence I never thought possible in our hospitals.

Most will agree on the vile corruption of our medical system.

But the level of quackery and destructive protocols has shocked Americans.

That was on display in one viral photo from Medical Center Hospital in Odessa, Texas.

A COVID-19 patient sat in a wheelchair with a plastic bag over her head labeled “Equipment Cover.”

The pictured 17-year old girl had difficulty breathing with the mask.

And this was the staff’s response to the issue:

According to a MCH statement, the plastic bag is a hospital policy.

If you don’t believe me, read their statement on Concho Valley:

MCH said, per hospital MCH policy and CDC guidelines, a patient must always wear a mask within the hospital. In certain circumstances, the use of a clear, plastic drape or covering for COVID patients during transport is used to prevent the virus from airborne spread to staff and other patients, especially in tight areas such as hallways and elevators.

MCH said those circumstances include if the patient refuses to wear a mask or keep it on, is unable to tolerate a mask or has an aerosol-generating procedure. According to the hospital, a draped patient is never left unattended and is already on some form of oxygen or breathing assistance. MCH said as with any other medical procedure, the patient or guardian has the right to refuse the form of protection.

Now that the photo has gone viral, MCH said the hospital and staff have received threatening phone calls, including threats on their lives, their family’s lives and even threats of bombing the hospital. The Ector County Hospital District Police Department is investigating these threats, and the FBI has been contacted.

“Rest assured, we take all of these threats seriously and are taking appropriate action,” Tippin said. “Under no circumstances will MCH tolerate such threats to staff members, their families or anyone associated with the health system. Our staff have been true heroes for the past 19 months in battling this pandemic and do not deserve the vicious threats spewed by these hateful individuals.”

These are medical professionals?

You’d think the staff would know the risk of suffocation from wearing a plastic bag over your head.

There’s a warning on the bag not to cover your face.

Yet, MCH staff thinks a plastic drape is a viable method of preventing viral spread.

This is a dangerous and foolish policy that only cuts oxygen intake from patients.

MCH staff could literally suffocate their patients to death in the hospital.

Here’s one response to the policy:

Hal Turner Radio Show offered commentary:

The 17 year old young lady pictured above went to the emergency room in Odessa, COVID positive, because she couldn’t breath.  A paper surgical-type mask was given to her upon entry to hospital.

The girl’s mother said that the girl complained she couldn’t breathe well with the mask and took off the mask, breathed, then put the mask back on.

When hospital staff saw this, the girl was humiliated and dehumanized by the staff.

Hospital staff took a large plastic bag, labelled “Equipment Cover” and put it over the girl’s head!

Aside from the warning on the bag not to place this over your head, as it could cause suffocation, “this is just wrong” says the family.

The bag is labeled equipment cover and has your typical warning on it.

The bag was over her head for roughly 30 minutes and she was instructed to save the bag for future use throughout the hospital.

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Odessa Medical Center Hospital clearly has at least one group of Emergency Room staff that appear to be medical Quacks.  This incident seems to be proof of that.

First, the blue medical mask that so many people wear in relation to COVID, does not protect them or anyone else from COVID.   The pores on the mask, at 4 microns, are one hundred times LARGER than the size of the COVID virus which is 0.04 microns in size; the virus goes right through the masks and protects no one.

The MCH staff involved in this incident should lose their medical licenses.

Because dangerous policies like these will seriously harm someone.

There’s no excuse for medical malpractice.


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