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Does it matter how much knowledge someone has if they are cast as an actor?

Sanjay Gupta may be a licensed medical practitioner, but when he appears on CNN, is he really fulfilling the role of a  doctor, or an actor?

This is a question you should keep in mind as you view the video below.

Everyone remembers how the propagandist network lied, when it told the world that Ivermectin was little more than a ‘horse treatment’, and that Joe Rogan was on horse dewormer…

By now, the vast majority of us know that it is a viable treatment, but we haven’t seen any apologies from CNN, and they continue to spit out fake news to this day regarding just about everything; particularly, the C-19 virus.

Here’s the confrontation between Rogan and Gupta, pay attention to Gupta’s reaction:

Trending Politics provided some of the transcript:

“Thank you,” Rogan replied. “You’re probably the only one at CNN who’s glad. The rest of them are all lying about me taking horse medication.”

“That bothered you,” Gupta said, implying that the statement was just “bothersome” and not an outright lie.

“It should bother you too,” Rogan fired back. “They’re lying at your network about people taking human drugs versus drugs for veterinary.”

CNN didn’t just spread Ivermectin propaganda about Joe Rogan, they did it to Rand Paul as well:

To be clear: Paul IS NOT in the “middle” when it comes to the use of ivermectin. He is WAY on the conspiracy theory end of the spectrum.

Ivermectin has drawn national headlines of late because some elected officials (like Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin), as well as some anchors on Fox News, have pushed it as a possible way to lessen the effects and severity of Covid-19.


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