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George Soros Buying Up Crypto, What Does He Know?


We talk a lot about George Soros on here.

The trader and financier has been outright banned from multiple countries, and his money is no longer good in those countries either.

Love him or hate him, one thing cannot be denied: the man knows a thing or two about finance.

Which is why I find these latest reports extremely interesting…..

Sources claim that Soros is dumping his stocks, and moving into the crypto space.

Those who have been following the sizable gains, and volatility swings in the crypto markets know that they are formidable investment vehicles, and at this point they seem to be far better than stocks in that regard.

Sure the swings are more erratic, but such is the price one pays for 800% gains in a year, and other unheard of capital gains on digital assets and currencies.

None of this is meant as investment advice of course, but the numbers don’t lie, and if people like Soros are hopping on the train, then surely something must be there.

The Dollar is in trouble everyone…..that isn’t a conspiracy or some sort of alarmist thinking—we are talking about a currency that has lost 96% of its value since 1954.

Should we really keep trusting something that has lost so much value over time? Something which can be printed at will through the edicts of people we regularly cite as being incompetent and corrupt?

Here’s where Soros is putting his money:

U Today had more on Soros’ investment perspective:

The Soros fund manager has said that it began making a profit in March 2020, right when the market crash due to the pandemic happened. But at the same time, the fund is interested in buying recovery stocks that are still too cheap. The main reason is the abundance of cash in the U.S. economic system.

While Soros fund is getting more crypto, it is certainly moving away from investing in the Chinese economy. Previously, Soros himself said that the Chinese government is acting irrational, and investors cannot feel safe while investing in the country’s economy.

Zero Hedge continues:

Not surprisingly, following the escalating spat between Soros and Beijing, the CIO said that the firm is steering clear of investing in China: “we are not putting money into China right now,” she said adding that investors need to be “really careful” about putting cash into U.S.-China listings. She elaborated that investors have been caught by surprise by what China is doing and the extent of economic damage the government is willing to tolerate for its plan.

The real reason why Soros would not put money into China is that the money would be promptly gone: George Soros has vocally criticized the policies of China’s President Xi Jinping’s policies and said in a Wall Street Journal op-ed last month that “pouring billions of dollars into China now is a tragic mistake.”

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For more on Bitcoin and where it may be going, let’s turn to Bo Polny.

Bo Polny returned to my show recently and it was awesome!

In fact, we set a record for the longest interview we have ever done.

Didn’t mean to, in fact I was thinking we’d keep it to about 30 minutes but once we got rolling there was so much to cover!

Spoiler alert: you’re going to LOVE this interview.

We talk Trump’s Return, the fall of the Federal Reserve Bank (which is not Federal, has no reserves and is not a bank — did you know?) and we also talk gold, silver and cryptocurrencies.

We also talked Clif High, a 6,000 year old “death cult” (hmmmm, sound like anything you know?) and even a discussion of XRP — I see you XRP Army!

What began in November of 2020 ends in November 2021.

We’re now in the “Red October” and by the time we hit “Hypnotic November” many in the mainstream will be overwhelmed by the rate and depth of all the truth coming out.

Red pills anyone?

Oh and a major media casualty to fall before the end of October?

It’s coming!

Oh….AND Bo says Bitcoin over $100,000 by end of the year looks like a given.

As of the of publishing of this article Bitcoin is at $48,000.  That would be an INSANE move!

But I’m ready for it!

There is so much in here and you just need to listen for yourself…..

Please enjoy this one right here on Rumble:

As always, Bo’s slides are completely free.

You can download them below (we only cover about 10% of them) so grab the full presentation and read through it on your own.

These slides are beautiful and so much information loaded up in here!

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I’d love to hear what you thought of this latest interview.

Bo always brings a good word!

Let me know in the comments.

Oh and one more thing….

I have something brand new for you if you’re looking for a completely “done for you” solution.

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If you’re looking for someone to hold your hand through the whole process and then send you the finished product, this is for you.

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Stay tuned!


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