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500,000 Adverse Covid Vaccine Reactions Have Been Officially Reported


Reactions to the COVID vaccine are well documented.

While the media wants to focus on the death rate, they’re ignoring the adverse reaction rate.

Over 500,000 adverse reactions have been documented.

This doesn’t even include death.

Adverse reactions include: skin issues, pain, respiratory or lung problems, abdominal pain, headaches, blood clots, bleeding, heart events, neuropathy, paralysis, and more.

If President Trump were in the White House, don’t you think the media would be questioning the vaccine?

In fact, we KNOW they would question it because they undermined the vaccine while Trump is in office!

But they can’t hide from the facts.

More details below:

Most people don’t know the risks.


Because the media and social media are coordinating to push a particular narrative.

Free speech and freedom of thought are clearly under attack.

Why not put all the information out there and allow the American people to decide what is best for them and their families?

Human Events confirms the staggering figures:

Over 500,000 adverse issues have been reported after receiving COVID vaccinations in the United States, including temperature, skin and neuropathy related issues.

As reported by Just the News, 226,457 temperature related issues, 174,793 skin issues and 164,200 movement, muscle, nerve, numbness and/or paralysis issues were reported according to an analysis of the federal Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System.

Additionally, there were 139,395 non-specified pain-related issues; 139,395 who felt abnormal, tired or weak; 121,538 injection site reactions; 79,012 heart events; 77,976 respiratory or lung problems; 40,415 who reported abdominal problems, 34,589 who got COVID-19 after vaccination; 32,023 who reported blood clots and or bleeding; and 111,549 who reported headaches.

Specifically, as of September 27, there were a whopping 569,294 adverse events reported with a total of 2,433,730 symptoms reported.

Reported illnesses and symptoms after the COVID-19 vaccine does not necessarily mean they were caused by the vaccine itself. The reporting system is designed to collect adverse events that occur after vaccination to uncover any patterns of illnesses that were not recorded during studies.

According to the CDC: “Reports of adverse events to VAERS following vaccination, including deaths, do not necessarily mean that a vaccine caused a health problem.”

Despite this clear evidence, we are repeatedly told that adverse reactions to the vaccine are “rare.”


Do 500,000 recorded events sound rare to you?

Dr. Sebastian Gorka confirms that there are over 500,000 bad vaccine reactions on record.

Watch him break it down on Rumble:

This information didn’t come from the mainstream media.

They’re focused on other narratives.

Fortunately, the investigative journalists at Just the News have confirmed these events so that Americans can make their own choices:

The most common disorders reported after COVID-19 vaccinations in the U.S. include temperature-related issues (226,457), skin problems (174,793), and a category that includes movement, muscle, nerve, neuropathy, numbness, and paralysis (164,200).

That’s according to an original analysis of the federal Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).

Next in line are non-specified pain-related issues (139,395), feeling abnormal, tired or weak (139,395), injection site reactions (121,538), headaches (111,549), heart events (79,012), and lung or respiratory problems (77,976).

Abdominal problems (40,415), getting COVID-19 after vaccination (34,589), and blood clots or bleeding, including in the heart and brain (32,023), are also common among the VAERS reports.

So are product issues (29,661) and mood or memory problems (31,720).

As of Sept. 27, 2021 there were 569,294 adverse event reports associated with COVID-19 vaccination in the U.S., with a total of 2,433,730 symptoms reported.

Each symptom reported does not necessarily equal one patient. Adverse event reports often include multiple symptoms for a single patient.

Reporting of illnesses and symptoms that occur after COVID-19 vaccination does not necessarily mean they were caused by the vaccine. The system is designed to collect adverse events that occur after vaccination to uncover any patterns of illnesses that were not captured during vaccine studies.

Reports can be made by doctors, patients or family members and/or acquaintances, or vaccine industry representatives.

Scientists have estimated that adverse events occur at a rate manyfold higher than what is reported in VAERS, since it is assumed that most adverse events are not reported through the tracking system.

Again, these are CONFIRMED reports.

The left always tells us to “believe all women.”

We’re supposed to believe the victims, right?

Well, why can’t they believe the 500,000 Americans who have reported adverse reactions to the vaccine?


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