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N.I.H. Director Francis Collins To Resign Amid Scandal

NHGRI Director, Francis Collins, M.D., Ph.D., answers questions during the 2016 National DNA Day Reddit "Ask Me Anything" (AMA) Series.

This guy should be in jail for crimes against humanity.

I mean, what on earth has to be wrong with a person to mess around with bioweapons and dangerous diseases?

We banned gain of function research for some pretty good, and easy to understand reasons. I don’t care which way they try to spin it, there was no excuse for messing around with these things.

Artificially increasing the potency of a virus, so that you have the tools to combat it should it ever spread, is the most backward thing I have ever heard, but that’s government for you.

They create problems in order to solve them, and they don’t even do a good job of solving them, as this latest study on Pfizer’s vaccine suggests.

These people are completely incompetent, murderous, sociopathic, criminal, and the root cause of all our problems—not the answer.

According to the latest reports, N.I.H. Director Francis Collins is set to resign in shame today due to the fallout from the gain of function funding scandal.

Personally, I say good riddance, but a simple resignation isn’t even a slap on the wrist.

What these people did, either wittingly or unwittingly needs to be paid for, and we shouldn’t tolerate any excuse from them. I couldn’t care less if their intention was to start or a ‘pandemic’, or if it accidentally escaped.

We need to start holding people in this country accountable for the choices and mistakes they make regardless of their intentions, and they should pay dearly for those mistakes—the moral ledger requires it.

Everyone has been talking about Collins’ expected resignation:

Politico had this to say about Collins:

During Collins’ 12-year tenure, the NIH budget grew by 38 percent, from $30 billion in 2009 to $41.3 billion in 2021. Collins proposed a series of ambitious initiatives directed at pressing health issues including Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, opioid use disorder, rare diseases and the coronavirus pandemic.

President Joe Biden called Collins “one of the most important scientists of our time” in a statement Tuesday, adding he was among the first government officials he asked to stay in his role amid the pandemic threat.

“I was grateful he answered the call to serve even though it was asking him to stay on the job longer than anyone in NIH history. Today, I understand his decision to step down from his post at the end of this year after an incredible and consequential tenure,” Biden said.


The National Pulse had an excellent piece on 6 scandals Collins was involved in during his tenure:

National Institutes of Health director Dr. Francis Collins serves on the advisory board of a conference sponsored by a Chinese military-linked genomics firm. The D.C.-based, health industry big-wig and boss to Anthony Fauci has even referred to the controversial company’s founder as a “friend”.

BGI Genomics has been flagged by U.S. intelligence officials for its robust efforts to “collect, store and exploit biometric information” on American citizens through COVID-19 test kits. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the firm has deep ties to both the Chinese Communist Party and its military.


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