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Another Bizarre String of Videos Reveal Nancy Pelosi Behaving Strangely with Reporters


Nancy Pelosi rarely inspires confidence with her speaking abilities, often rambling on incoherently.

While we’ve all gotten used to her stammering, there are other times where she appears to completely melt down mentally.

On Thursday, Pelosi did just that, during a bizarre interaction with reporters.

Pelosi slurred her words (more than usual), looked around the room with a confused expression on her face, smiled, and then attempted to put her mask on upside down.

It was an odd moment to say the least, leaving many to question whether the House speaker was drunk

Here's the latest on Pelosi's odd behavior from Trending Politics:

During a bizarre interaction with reporters on Thursday, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi looked drunk as she failed to make any sense. For the “Speaker” of the House, Pelosi doesn’t seem to know how to speak.

The speaker was all over the place as she slurred her words, looked around the room sporadically and even tried putting her mask on upside down.

This wasn’t the only interesting interaction Pelosi has had in recent days. On Wednesday, the Speaker held up her hand to make a “0” gesture however her hands were so distorted that it looked like a gang sign. Some Twitter users accused Pelosi of putting up the white power sign. has more:

There are times when Pelosi speaks and she sounds drunk.

And there are times when Pelosi speaks when she sounds perfectly lucid and like she has her wits about her.

It’s basically a crapshoot when it comes to Pelosi.

So, while we’ve all seen our fair share of strange and weird Pelosi speeches and statements, this video clip here stands out among all of those as one of the most alarming.

On Wednesday, Pelosi's behavior wasn't much better.

During an interview, she snapped at a reporter over a simple question about the democrat strategy on the debt ceiling.

In the same interview, she also appeared to flash what the woke left calls the "white power" sign for some reason...

Earlier in the week, she appeared to forget who the president was, as she called Joe Biden's agenda the "full Obama agenda."

This woman may have more cognitive decline than Joe Biden...

Maybe she just malfunctions at the end of every September.

Remember this from last year around this time?


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