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Radical Left Wing Group Endorses RINO Liz Cheney


No, this isn’t a headline from The Babylon Bee.

This is serious, I didn’t make it up…..

According to sources, Liz Cheney has been endorsed by the far-left group Occupy Democrats, and of course George W. Bush—who is perhaps the worst President we have had in recent memory, and yes this includes Biden.

If it weren’t for Bush destroying this country initially, and degrading civil liberties, expanding the surveillance state, and emboldening state authoritarians, we probably wouldn’t even have Biden right now.

If you even had a single shred of doubt as to who Liz Cheney is as a person, or what she stands for, please lay them to rest right now.

Liz Cheney turned out to be everything conservatives have been saying about her, and more. Honestly, she is just one infrastructure vote away from outright joining The Democratic Party.

Take a look at these telling endorsements:

The endorsements were pointed out by The Federalist:

The radical left-wing group announced its support for Cheney after former President George W. Bush gave the Wyoming congresswoman his blessing with a Dallas fundraiser.

Since escalating an inner-party feud to rid the GOP of President Donald Trump’s influence, and henceforth the influence of his Republican voters, Cheney has become a folk hero among the left, even drawing donations from Democrats in her bid for re-election, as highlighted by CBS’s “60 Minutes.”

Here’s the official Occupy Democrats website shilling for Liz Cheney:

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The latest display of extreme Republican disharmony comes from the Twitter account of Congresswoman Cheney who has already been demoted from her former position as the number three top GOP leader in the House of Representatives because of her principled vote to impeach Donald Trump after his January 6th coup attempt by a mob of MAGA insurrectionists.

Rep. Cheney — who was appointed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, along with her fellow never-Trumper Rep. Kinzinger, to the House select committee investigating that insurrection — has been trying to bring the party that she loved, and grew up in as the daughter of the last Republican vice president before the Trump era, back to its senses.

‘Back to its senses’?

They must mean back to war crimes, foreign expeditions, destroyed economies, nation building, and reckless spending.

The fact of the matter is that The GOP in its traditional form is a party of big government, jingoism, and poor choices, it was Donald J. Trump who changed all of that.

That’s why we love #45, but can’t really stand #43 or any of his cronies.


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