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One High School Football Team Prays In Defiance Of Local Authorities


I am 100% against forced prayer, but you want to know what else I am against?

The forced suppression of prayer in schools.

People have a right to pray, or to not pray to whatever God or God’s they worship, and it is their inalienable right to organize prayer, anywhere at anytime, so long as they aren’t obstructing—i.e. don’t pray in the middle of a highway.

I understand why these laws are in place—schools should attempt to remain as impartial as they possibly can to any and all groups—including majority groups, but come on…..they push their liberal religion on children as young as 5.

Anyone even attempting to claim that American public schools are at all impartial in their administration of religious ideology is either fooling themselves, or they are in on the duplicity.

Maybe once upon a time this was true, and schools truly were impartial, but today our schools are the largest open air Marxist training camps in the world.

These people can no longer claim a separation of religion and state, and their continued attacks on prayer—particularly Christian prayer is hypocritical, shallow, and deeply offensive, I am not even Christian and I believe this to be the case.

Stop letting the state, and the priests of the state tell you and your children how to believe, what to believe, and when to believe in it—this is not their rightful domain.

Here’s more on the story:

Fox 17 Nashville previously reported that students and teachers were banned from leading prayers in Putnam County:

Putnam County Schools administrators were told this week that teachers and staff, including coaches, can’t lead students in prayer.

This came in response to a letter from Americans United for Separation of Church and State. The group wrote to PCS that there were several instances of prayer and proselytizing at events at Cookeville and Upperman high schools.

A spokeswoman for Putnam County Schools said the school board attorney was consulted.

The case law not allowing prayer or proselytizing is clear. Courts have consistently ruled that prayer and proselytizing can not be sponsored by schools or school personnel.

The Blaze reported that players, parents, cheerleaders, and fans alike ignored the policy and prayed anyway:

The new anti-prayer rule sparked immediate outrage in the community and prompted parents to organize a show of support following Upperman’s game against Stone Memorial on Friday night.

“We do realize this is a public school, but it has always been optional for players to pray, and has been a voluntary event. Players that still want to pray will have to do it on their own,” one parent, Dustin Whitefield, wrote to WZTV.

“After the game, players and cheerleaders that choose to will be on the field praying on their own. A group of parents will be going out on the field to support them,” he said. “We will join hands and encircle them from a distance as a sign of protection and solidarity in choosing to continue to pray. This is a parent-led event! We are encouraging anyone that would like to show their support to please join us.”



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