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Where’s John Durham? Internal Fusion GPS Emails May Shed Light On Durham’s Next Steps


Everyone knows President Trump was set up…..

He was set up by the deep state, by media personalities, tech oligarchs, and RINO’s on the “never Trump” train.

The story I am about to share pretty much epitomizes the real collusion between the deep state and the private sector to destroy the 45th President of The United States.

According to the latest reports, Fusion GPS emails may be a bigger issue than John Durham is letting on to the public, and an analysis of these emails may potentially lead to more arrests.

Michaeal Sussman made headlines last week when he became the first Durham indictment, and more are certain to follow once clarity comes via these emails.

Take a look:

Techno Fog pointed out:

The more interesting parts of the Sussmann indictment have to do with the orchestrated effort by Sussmann, the Clinton Campaign, a tech executive (identified as Rodney Joffe), their team of partisan researchers, and Fusion GPS to smear the Trump Organization – and thus candidate Trump – as having a “purported secret channel of communications” with Alfa Bank (a Russian bank). The highlights include:

E-mails among the Tech Executive and the researchers stating how “it would be possible to “fill out a sales form on two websites, faking the other company’s email address in each form,’ and thereby cause them ‘to appear to communicate with each other in DNS.’”

Internal doubts about the Trump Organization/Alfa Bank allegations: “we cannot technically make any claims that would fly public scrutiny.”

Concerns over disclosing how they came to their conclusions: “Do you realize that we will have to expose every trick in our bag to even make a very weak association?”


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Jonathan Turley warns that leftists are desperately trying to halt Durham’s report according to Fox News:

Judging from the alarm at the indictment, Durham has every reason to finish his work. While many of the actors are now beyond the reach of charges due to the statute of limitations, he is preparing a report that could answer many questions on how the Russian investigation began.

Yet, like Trump’s demanding the end of the Mueller investigation, the calls to stop Durham only deepen suspicions. As I said in opposition to Donald Trump’s attacks on Mueller, there is a point where you “doth protest too much.”

Just as I supported the appointment of a Special Counsel on Russian collusion and his finishing his work, the same is true here. Even if there are no more indictment, Durham would at a minimum bring clarity about what happened – which is precisely why many want him to stop immediately.


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