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Woman Assaults Workers at California Restaurant For Not Wearing Masks


A woman was filmed at a Huntington Beach California restaurant last week attacking workers because they weren’t wearing masks.

The woman, who was heavily drunk according to bystanders, was herself unmasked.

In spite of this, she attacked one worker, before another one stepped in.

She also grabbed a bottle of spray cleaner and sprayed it in a female employee’s face.

The woman then demanded to see the vaccine card of a supervisor, and bragged that she herself did not require one because, and I quote:

“I’m vaccinated b****.”

Before attacking the employees for not wearing masks, the belligerent woman also yelled at employees and customers alike for “racial discrimination.”

The Daily Mail has more details on this drunken and unrully display:

This is the moment an allegedly drunk woman attacks a California restaurant worker for not wearing a mask before hitting another who tried to intervene.

The unnamed woman, branded a 'Karen' after the cellphone footage went viral, was filmed pushing, throwing things at and spraying cleaning spray at a female employee at Market Broiler in Huntington Beach, California.

Despite not wearing a mask herself, the Karen attacks the restaurant supervisor, demanding to see her vaccination card and bragging that she herself didn't need to wear one because 'I'm vaccinated b****!'

The nearly seven minute-long video begins with the already hysterical customer screaming in the face of the staff member that she  'doesn't know what it feels like' to be discriminated against'.

A male staff member attempts to intervene but the woman walked round the counter, grabbed a handful of mints from the counter and threw them at the woman.

Karen seemed to be intoxicated as she slurred her words and stumbled around the restaurant, telling the woman 'you don't f***ing deserve your f***ing job.'

'She then asked the unmasked worker if she's been vaccinated, shouting at her that she 'has a mandate and a responsibility to have your f***ing mask on'.

Karen repeatedly demanded to see the woman's vaccine card as she stomped around the restaurant pointing at the woman.

Karen demanded that the supervisor wear a mask and when no one responded to her commands, Karen grabbed a bottle of cleaning spray off the counter and sprayed it in the worker's face.

Fox 11 Los Angeles also covered the story, and shared one patron's first-hand account of the incident:

The woman's wild behavior, which also included asking others to show proof of vaccination and then hitting the workers, prompted @brawlzdeep3.0 to call her a "Karen" in the social media post's caption.

Witnesses believe the woman was intoxicated. According to the man who shared the video and was at the bizarre scene, the woman's wild actions prompted others to call 911.

"I was just sitting back, watching it," explained Braulio Soto, the man who shared the video. "Pretty entertaining dinner to show."

"Who parties that hard to get to that point?" Soto said of the unruly customer.

FOX 11 reached out to Market Broiler but declined to speak for an interview.


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