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Was Donald Trump Just Filmed Inside The White House?


Yes I’m serious, go ahead and read that headline again.

Was President Trump just filmed inside the White House today???

Maybe more accurately, was he just filmed inside the White House gates on the White House lawn in full view?

Because that is exactly what I think I just saw.

This video was taken by the great “Nancy Drew”….likely a pseudonym for a lady who takes live video all over Washington, D.C.

And today she may have just stumbled onto the biggest video she’s ever taken.

Because she thinks, and I am having a hard time disagreeing, that she just videoed President Trump and Melania on the White House lawn.

Of course, if you beLIEve the official story, they would have no business being there.

Here’s what she posted about the video:

Ok, guys. So this video, was taken right after my live this morning at the WH. In my live, I noticed them having their pics taken, and thought Id shut down, just in case, for privacy. This was about 20 min, or so, before my live of the motorcade. Ima need, a little help here, I think. Watcha think? Did, a sista, accidentally get hooked up, today?Kinda appears as if its Daddy T, and that gorgeous, Melania 😲🤔

That motorcade, would be very fitting, to happen, right after this. Oh, please, let it be them🙏😍

I have watched this video at least 10 times and zoomed in and I’ll tell you this…..I can’t say for 100% certain it’s President Trump, but what gets me is the body language and actions.

The man walks and moves EXACTLY like President Trump!

The way he is clearly in charge of the whole group, the way he moves and points….it’s all perfectly Trump.

The hair and body size also both look correct.

And then there’s the lady who looks just like Melania.

As always, I don’t tell you what to think….

I report, you decide!

And I can’t wait to see what everyone thinks about this one.

So please watch the video below and let me know.

Also, the video also has a clip that Nancy Drew shot about 20 minutes earlier of a Presidential Motorcade going down the street and into the White House.

Was it Trump?

She seems to think so.

So watch both clips (both in the same video) and then let me know what YOU think in the comments below!

Here it is on Rumble:


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