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Man With ‘Vaccinated’ Badge Follows Woman Around Target, Harasses Her for Not Wearing Mask


The crazies aren’t just showing up at Walmart exclusively anymore.

They’re everywhere.

A video released online shows a man wearing a mask and a vaccinated badge following a young woman around Target.

The man attempts to shame the woman for not wearing a mask, continuously saying that his wife is a doctor and he knows better. 

At one point the man calls her a “bad American.”

The woman hilariously responds, “I am. I totally am, and I voted for Trump.”

Several other women in the store defended her, with one even cheering for her having voted for Trump.

The stalker didn’t react as well to that news, and exclaimed:

“You’re a bad person. You’re a bad person for doing that.”

Here's the entire video, as recorded by the young woman.

Red State reported on the incident:

Like this crazy video of a man, who is wearing a mask and a sticker that says he’s been vaccinated, following an unmasked woman, who says she has natural immunity, around a Target. He follows her around the store and tries to shame her, pointing at her like the aliens out of the Invasion of the Body Snatchers, as though encouraging people to get her. He says there’s a “state regulation” which she correctly states would not necessarily be a law (i.e. something passed by a legislative body of representatives of the people).

Several people, who are wearing masks, try to intercede. They tell him to stop harassing her, to leave her alone. They tell him he’s vaccinated, (essentially then so why are you so concerned). He tells her, “You’re making a bad decision, you’re a bad American.” No, she’s a great American, because she understands the basic concepts of freedom inherent in being an American. He doesn’t. He wants to impose his will on her, regardless of what she wants, regardless of her immunity or the facts of her situation. She sarcastically responds, “Yeah, I totally am.” “And I voted for Trump,” she said defiantly, which other people in the store cheered. Another person came to her defense, saying that her mother was vaccinated and still ended up in the hospital. “It’s her choice,” the other woman said.

Ted Cruz and other react:

This isn't much of a surprise, but it is disturbing.

Democrat leaders and media members have been encouraging others to shame the unvaccinated.

Don Lemon called Americans "stupid" for not getting vaccinated while encouraging others to shame them.

Joe Biden warned Americans that he was "losing patience" with the unvaccinated, right after saying to the vaccinated "I understand your anger" towards the unvaccinated.


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