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WATCH: Nurse Whistleblower States Her Healthcare Colleagues Wish Death Upon Unvaccinated Patients


The experimental COVID-19 injections have created a disgusting wedge in our society.

Vaccinated vs unvaccinated.

It’s created strife within families, ended relationships, and cost people their jobs.

But the division is treading down a darker path.

Vaccination status is impacting the healthcare system and who receives medical treatment.

It’s also causing medical professionals to lose their minds and discriminate against unvaccinated patients.

One nurse whistleblower describes the way her doctor and nurse colleagues feel about those who refused to take part in this Big Pharma medical experiment.

Watch this video from the HealthImpactNews Bitchute channel:

If this vile attitude permeates in medical systems across the country, unvaccinated individuals will get denied medical treatment altogether.

It’s unfathomable that medical professionals who took a Hippocratic Oath can deny treatment for your decision not to inject something into your body.

And it appears this nasty virus is spreading to healthcare facilities around America.

The Epoch Times shared this example:

Describing a climate of vaccine shaming and bullying, two Mississippi nurses have reported once amicable work environments degenerate into a division between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated.

One nurse in Jackson, Mississippi—who requested to remain anonymous—told The Epoch Times that when faced with the vaccine mandate at her hospital, she quit and took another job paying $16 an hour more at another health care system that hadn’t implemented the mandate.

However, with President Joe Biden’s announcement on Thursday to mandate the COVID-19 vaccine for health care systems that participate in Medicaid and Medicare programs, the nurse said, even at her new job, her days could be limited.

“They said it’s not a matter of if, but when,” she said.


As the mandate approached, she said she witnessed the workplace become toxic.

“Some doctors—two of them that come to mind—went as far as to say that they did not think that unvaccinated people should be treated,” she said.

If unvaccinated people came to the hospital, she said the doctors claimed that they should have the “door slammed in their face.”

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“There was another provider who was actually trying to turn patients away if they were not vaccinated,” she said. “I don’t think she was able to go that far, but she definitely tried to have the front desk ask if patients were vaccinated, and if they said they weren’t, she wouldn’t see them, or would only see them over the phone.”

Overall, she said, “It was hard to watch.”

This doesn’t appear to be a red state vs blue state issue.

If denial of medical treatment for unvaccinated individuals happens in a red state like Mississippi, then it certainly can happen in blue states.

It’s a disturbing trend fomenting around the country.

And it must be stopped at once.


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