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Violent Protests Rock Slovenia Over COVID-19 Passports


As usual, large protests against Orwellian COVID-19 passports went mostly unnoticed by the mainstream media.

So, I’ll do the job for them.

Yesterday, massive protests against COVID-19 measures took place in Slovenia.

Slovenia’s government recently enacted some of the strictest mandates any where in Europe.

Citizens took to the streets of Ljubljana and gathered at Republic Square.

Participants called for a peaceful rally for freedom and against medical tyranny.

Chants started for the government to resign.

However, the protest became chaotic after a couple of hours.

Here’s some of the footage:

With the latest decree, COVID-19 passports are needed for essentially every part of Slovenian society.

-Doctor’s visits

-Shopping malls

-Purchasing gas

-Public transport

-Going inside a bank

It appears buying groceries is the only thing unvaccinated individuals can do.

Otherwise, you’re locked out of society for refusing a Big Pharma medical experiment.

And thousands of Slovenians were enraged with the measures.

While the overwhelming majority of protestors remained peaceful, the crowd had a few instigators.

And that led to chaos.

N1 explains:

The protesters who gathered at the Republic Square in Ljubljana had two demands: the change of measures to combat the COVID-19 virus into recommendations and early elections.

Prior to the protest, organizers called for a peaceful rally, but the incident happened as soon as an unknown person threw a bottle at one of the police officers guarding the rally. The gathered people also approached the entrance to the Parliament building. The police then stepped up their presence in front of the National Assembly.

Those present lit fan torches and started throwing them at the Parliament of Slovenia.

One of the torches fell not in the middle of the canopy above the door and burned. A police helicopter is circling over Ljubljana, N1 Slovenia reports.

IBNA also reported:

Several police officers are reportedly injured in the clashes between Slovenian police forces and citizens that opposed the tightening of the antiCOVID-19 measures.

On Wednesday, new measures were introduced and several reports said that there was not possible to purchase the oil at the oil station without the COVID pass.

Police used a water cannon and tear gas to disperse a group of several thousand protesters rallying in front of Parliament House on Wednesday afternoon.

Media in Slovenia reported that the protest started out peacefully in the afternoon, but towards nightfall, the crowd started to push against Parliament House and several signal torches were thrown at the building.

Police in riot gear reacted by firing tear gas canisters at the crowd, which soon dispersed into the surrounding streets. Smaller groups returned to the square and started throwing more torches, prompting the police to deploy water cannons. Stones were also thrown at police.


The protest was organised by several groups opposing vaccination, masks and the Covid passport mandate that entered into force the same day. The groups are active mostly on Facebook and their spokespersons decried the latest restrictions and called on the government and MPs to resign.

Ljubljana police estimate the crowd numbered 8,000 people and described the rally as “a mass violation of public law and order”. It said officers were pelleted with torches, granite pavers and other objects. The police was still in the city around 10 pm to disperse individual groups that scattered around the centre.

For EU citizens, the fight against COVID-19 passports remains critical.

The tyrannical measures will continue to get worse unless citizens stand up for themselves.

Protests against COVID-19 passports have raged for months across Europe.

It appears they’re only going stronger across the continent.


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