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Did Nicki Minaj Wake Up Millions to COVID-19 Jab Side Effects?


I’d like to welcome Nicki Minaj to the club.

The club of people labeled anti-vaxxer simply for doing their own research into the COVID-19 injections.

From reading her tweets, Minaj is clearly NOT anti-vaxx.

However, she appears open to discussion about potential side effects and respects freedom of choice.

And that’s unlike the majority of celebrities who ignorantly push disgusting vaccine propaganda.

The Trinidadian-born rapper took to Twitter to voice her concerns about the experimental jabs.

She described side effects experienced by her cousin’s friend.

Mainstream media had a meltdown from Minaj’s comments and quickly slapped the anti-vaxxer label on her.

Minaj didn’t hold back and unleashed a fury on the mainstream media for their lies.

As I mentioned, Minaj is not in the anti-vaxxer crowd.

She clearly recommended others take the experimental jabs to feed their families if their job required it.

But Minaj might have woken up millions to two things:

  1. Potential side effects from the experimental COVID-19 jabs many don’t bother to research
  2. The disgusting lies spewed by mainstream media and how they distort the truth

So to that, I say good job Nicki!

Summit News reported:

That immediately set off an absolute meltdown, both amongst Minaj’s own fans and the media, but the singer then went to war with the press as they repeatedly mischaracterized her message.

MSNBC’s Joy Reid claimed that she was “so sad you did that,” prompting Minaj to respond, “You didn’t bother to read all my tweets…imagine getting ur dumb ass on tv a min after a tweet to spread a false narrative about a black woman.”

Minaj then followed up with another missive in which she stated, “The two white men sittin there nodding their heads cuz this uncle tomiana doing the work chile. How sad.”

The rapper subsequently called Reid, “A lying homophobic coon,” referring to her old blog posts which Reid dubiously claimed were the work of a mysterious “hacker”.

Other news outlets like Variety then appeared to outright fake statements Minaj had made in the past, prompting her to respond, “Never said this. Glad all my tweets were left up. On it.”

The media also lied in claiming Minaj said she wanted to avoid the Met Gala due to its vaccine requirement, which the rapper correcting them, “3 lies in a row from huge news platforms. I cited my young child as why I didn’t want to travel. But notice how NONE of them mentioned that? Ask yourself why that was.”

The Daily Beast also claimed Minaj said she was “worried about” the vaccine when she never used such words.

The hysterical hand-wringing and subsequent smears in response to Minaj merely suggesting that people should carefully research potential side-effects before taking the vaccine provided a telling insight for Minaj’s millions of fans into how the media-industrial complex savages any celebrity who dares challenge their narrative.


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