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MELTDOWN ALERT: MyPillow Facing Extreme Backlash For Opening a Physical Store In Ohio!


Liberal meltdown alert incoming!

What do liberals hate maybe even more than Donald Trump himself?

Mike Lindell, who they sarcastically refer to as the “Pillow guy”.

Well guess what libs, that PillowGuy has done more with his life than probably all of you combined.

He created a business from scratch, overcame every single obstacle, has overcome being delisted from 20+ major retailers, and he still presses on!

What have you done with your life?

The latest outrage from lib world?

A new MyPillow store is slated to be opened up in Ohio and people are melting down.

Big time.

Check this out:

Watch this:

Here’s more from the Columbus Dispatch:

A plan to open a MyPillow store has struck up a fierce political controversy in Clintonville.

Roy Hanna, who’s part of a five-person investment team, is planning to open the store, which exclusively will carry the MyPillow brand of bedding products, in the old Trapped Columbus escape room at 4310 N. High St.

At the center of the dispute is Mike Lindell, founder of MyPillow based in Chaska, Minnesota, whose conservative views and support of former Republican President Donald J. Trump have drawn the ire of those of the progressive persuasion.

The nastiness started shortly after the sign went up around Aug. 15, which triggered a volley of hostile exchanges between Hanna and liberals in the area, said Hanna, also owner of AAA Roofing Co.

He downplayed the controversy and said it pertained to a few vocal critics.

“It’s the loud people,” Hanna said, “but most liberal or conservative people aren’t that loud.”

Nevertheless, Hanna said, he was called a “terrorist, insurrectionist and pedophile” – among other things – online.

He said someone had taken screenshots of images from his personal Facebook account and posted them on other social-media sites.

Hanna acknowledged he fanned the flames, too, by responding and, at one point, calling one of his agitators a “little girl.” He said that referred to her childish invectives and not as an insult to her gender.

He said his investment group is composed of Democrats and Republicans, who have been working on this idea before Trump was elected.

“I liked this product before Trump came into office,” he said.

He said he plans to be an exclusive carrier of MyPillow products, such as pillows, mattresses, sheets and other types of bedding, in return for in-store displays and discounts from Lindell’s company.

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I don’t know about you, but a MyPillow store sounds great!

I’d go to it!

His sheets and towels are the best I have ever purchased and I own multiple sets.

We’ve got your back Mike!

Please continue to support this great man and his company because the Looney Left is out to get him and they’ll never stop!

So neither will we.

WeLoveTrump supports Mike Lindell!


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