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John Kirby: “Our Commanders Have A Range Of Tools” To Forcefully Vaccinate Our Service Members


Yeah John? Where were all those tools to compel a safe and dignified withdrawal from Afghanistan?

I used to think that the faces of evil were represented by the imposing portraits of Mao, Hitler, and Iran’s Ayatollah, but now I see that that the true face of evil is represented by the puckered and unremarkable faces of men like John Kirby.

The ‘everyman’ who rises up to some bureaucratic position of power, not through any skill of his own, and certainly not because he has any admirable skills or qualities.

No, John Kirby was chosen for the position he holds now precisely because he lacks any unique skills and admirable qualities, and the saddest thing is that men like John Kirby are far too common in the modern age.

If this were ancient Japan, we wouldn’t have to tell John Kirby what he must do following the stunning failure in Afghanistan— he would have simply done it.

Oh how the times have changed, Kirby obviously isn’t going to forfeit his life to regain his honor, but a simple resignation would have balanced the moral ledger, yet we aren’t even getting that….

Kirby recently told the media that commanders in the armed forces have a “range of tools” to force our men and women at arms into taking an experimental vaccine.

I want to know why we have a military and bureaucratic leadership more concerned with putting needles in the arms of our service members rather than winning wars, and getting our people home.

These men have no honor. They aren’t even real men.

Here’s more on the story:

The Epoch Times quoted Kirby:

“As we’ve talked about before, the secretary expects that the department leadership will implement these mandatory vaccines with skill—but also, because we know how to do this across a range of other vaccines—but also [with] professionalism and compassion,” Kirby said.

“And when an individual declines to take a mandatory vaccine, they will be given an opportunity to talk to both medical providers as well as their own chain of command so that they can fully understand the decision that they are making.

“And the other thing I’d say is that our commanders have a range of tools available to them short of using the Uniform Code of Military Justice to again try to get men and women in the department to make the right decision here.”

While Kirby is mandating vaccines for our military forces, Americans are still trapped in Afghanistan according to Fox News:

“If there’s American citizens left, we’re gonna stay to get them all out,” he told ABC News’s George Stephanopoulos earlier this month.

Hemmer quoted the commander-in-chief’s words to Kirby.

“According to the State Department there’s a minimum of 100 Americans that did not get out,” Hemmer said. “Why?”

The spokesman said there were “a lot of efforts to contact” the Americans left in Afghanistan and he couldn’t account for every specific case.

“I don’t know the case with each and every one of these 100 or so that are left,” Kirby said. “But what I can tell you is that, as a government, we’re going to continue to make every effort we can to help them find safe passage.”


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