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Don’t Want The Jab? One More Reason To Leave The Communist State Of California


Democracy is dead.

Imagine that you tell a servant inside your house not to do something, and they do in fact stop, yet they indicate that they are going to try and piss you off again next week.

This is exactly what’s going on in the communist state of California.

Citizens objected to vaccine mandates this year, and so Democrats in California obliged their voters—only to turn around and put it on the agenda for next year.

What part of ‘public service’ do these public servants not understand?

What whip or punishment will get these public servants to fall back into line, and remind them of what they are?

These people are servants, not rulers, not important people—servants.

It seems to me like the people of The United States have forgotten how to bend a servant to their will, and instead our house is completely out of order with them thinking they can bend us to their will.

I think it’s high time we remind these people of what they are, and what their proper role in society is.

Here’s more on the story:

Freedom First Network reports:

Apparently, somebody leaked this proposed bill and it spread like wildfire. Patriotic Californians did their job and made their voices heard, calling their legislators to demand they not implement this unconstitutional law. Our voices were heard… for now.

The headlines today are reading that the vaccine mandate will not be proposed or voted on. What’s hidden down towards each of the articles is that the Democrats are vowing to hold off on introducing this bill until early 2022.



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The failure of the current round of proposed vaccine mandates was reported by Fox News:

A controversial California “gut-and-amend” legislative maneuver that would have repurposed legislation about Bay Area traffic to impose a statewide coronavirus vaccine mandate has failed.

A.B. 455 was originally meant to regulate lanes and tolls on the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge. But a draft of an amended version published by the California Globe replaces the toll provisions with language that would allow private employers to fire employees if they refuse to get a COVID-19 vaccine and would have required vaccination proof to enter businesses.

The bill was a desirable target for the “gut-and-amend” switcheroo, which involves taking a bill that has passed early legislative obstacles, gutting its contents, and amending it to do something else entirely as a means of fast-tracking it through California’s state Assembly.


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