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Biden Slammed Following Disgraceful Afghanistan Speech

Critics labeled the speech as "narcissistic" and a "disgrace."


Joe Biden gave a speech Tuesday night about the situation Afghanistan.

Instead of giving a speech that brought Americans together, Biden instead spent time talking about himself, blaming others for his failures, and claiming that the withdrawal from the country was a success.

To put it bluntly, the speech was an absolute failure.

While the usual Biden detractors were extremely critical of the speech, former allies of his were as well.

Many described the speech as narcissistic, full of lies, and a disgrace.

Former Biden ally Meghan McCain explained that she no longer recognizes Biden, and prayed for the country.

Fox News with more on this failure of a speech from Biden:

Tuesday President Joe Biden made the most important speech of his presidency. Americans and the world watched as he threw away his one chance to rise above his tragic withdrawal from Afghanistan and bring Americans together after 20 years of war.

No one expected him to be Winston Churchill rallying the British after Dunkirk nor Abraham Lincoln consoling the nation after the slaughter at Gettysburg, nor did anyone expect something like Ronald Reagan’s eulogy at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier a decade after the tragic Vietnam War. But he could have at least been straight with us.

Instead of speaking to a nation in pain, President Biden made this speech all about himself. He dodged and weaved, blamed others, and even claimed our evacuation from Afghanistan was a great success, while most everyone else saw it as an unmitigated disaster.

He should have left that kind of speech for another time and place. There will be investigations, finger pointing, and recriminations in the days ahead.  Hopefully those responsible for how the administration ended the last 20 years of American involvement in Afghanistan will be held responsible and made to account for their actions.

But on this day we needed our president to rise above the petty politics of Washington’s "swamp" and speak directly to the men and women who fought and bled in Afghanistan, to the Gold Star families whose loved ones gave their lives, and to the world bracing for what will come next in Afghanistan and the region.

Several people also pointed out that Biden was late to the speech by over an hour.

Former Biden supporter Meghan McCain even turned against him.

McCain said that she no longer recognizes the man.

Here's more on Meghan's change of heart from The New York Post:

Meghan McCain blasted President Biden’s speech on the completion of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan Tuesday, at one point tweeting, “I do not recognize this man.”

The former co-host of “The View” and daughter of the late Sen. John McCain — a longtime Capitol Hill colleague of Biden — took issue with the president’s contention in his speech that the evacuation of Americans and Afghan allies had gone as smoothly as possible.

“Some say we should have started mass evacuations sooner and [ask] ‘Couldn’t this have be done — have been done in a more orderly manner?’ I respectfully disagree,” Biden said. “Imagine if we had begun evacuations in June or July, bringing in thousands of American troops and evacuating more than 120,000 people in the middle of a civil war. There still would have been a rush to the airport, a breakdown in confidence and control of the government, and it still would have been a very difficult and dangerous mission.”

That drew McCain’s ire.

“[Thirteen] American soldiers are dead – most of them between the ages of 20-23 because they were put in harms [sic] way chaotically in the line of fire of a suicide bomber,” she tweeted. “Disappointed and disgusted President Biden says ‘this couldn’t have been done in a more orderly manner’.”

Five minutes later, McCain tore into Biden again, writing: “This is extremely difficult for me to say: I once thought I truly knew Joe Biden and he helped me through pain and grief, for which I am grateful.

“This man on tv giving this speech, I do not recognize this man,” she added. “God help our country. God help the Americans we have abandoned.”

Biden's Full Speech on "Ending the War in Afghanistan"


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