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Former C.I.A. Director Is Already Talking About A New Conflict In Afghanistan…..This Is The Deep State Bait And Switch


Was the Afghanistan crisis planned?

Personally, I think so…..

I’m not saying I 100% think this was planned, but how could one administration be so incompetent?

Either they are truly this stupid, or they did this on purpose in order to create conflict, destabilize the region, and enter in at a later date…..All in order to create more revenue for the military industrial complex.

Endless conflict is the M.O. of the deep state, and it’s something President Trump kept at bay all 4 years he was in The White House.

Now Leon Panetta, a former director of The C.I.A. is calling for exactly that:

NTD News reports:

A former CIA director called the Aug. 26 terrorist attack in the capital of Afghanistan President Joe Biden’s “worst nightmare,” adding that he believes American troops need to return to the war-torn nation to combat terrorism.

“I understand that we’re trying to get our troops out of there, but the bottom line is, we can leave a battlefield, but we can’t leave the war on terrorism, which still is a threat to our security,” said former CIA Director Leon Panetta, the secretary of defense under President Barack Obama who oversaw the U.S.-led mission that killed al Qaeda terrorist leader Osama bin Laden.

“We’re going to have to go back in to get ISIS,” he added.

The New York Post quoted Panetta:

“We’re probably going to have to go back in when al Qaeda resurrects itself, as they will, with this Taliban,” he predicted.

“They gave safe haven to al Qaeda before, they’ll probably do it again,” predicted Panetta, who was the director of the CIA and oversaw the US operation that killed the terror group’s leader, Osama bin Laden.


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