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Here’s How YOU Can Help Impeach Joe Biden


The Biden ‘Presidency’ just keeps getting worse and worse.

The death toll to our Marines has gone up since the last report, with now 13 confirmed American men and women. K.I.A.

The average age of those fallen was just 22 years old……

We are now also getting credible reports that Biden and his fellow war criminals also lied about a ‘strike’ they conducted against ISIS-K members.

Members whose names and photos were never revealed….

Make no mistake, targets were hit. They were just innocent men, women, and children according to sources.

The disgust I now feel for Joe Biden and his entire cabinet is not mine alone, I know that every patriot worth his or her salt now despises this man and his cronies.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t like him before, but in a way I felt sorry for him, and even took pitied him on certain days.

That pity is now gone in a way that suggests it never even existed.

The good book tells people to forgive and to turn the other cheek, I say there is a time and a place for that. Forgiveness is for the man or woman that has potential to change.

Joe Biden is 78 years old and has lived his whole life bringing death and destruction to countless innocent people—both directly and indirectly.

His life has been utterly spent on spending the lives of others

He deserves no forgiveness, and impeachment is just the first thing which should happen to him and his entire cabinet.

If YOU want to help make that happen then please sign this petition, and let’s bring these people to justice starting with their dear leader.

Here’s what people are saying about Biden, his cabinet, and what few deranged supporters he has left:

The cheap and manufactured pushback against impeaching Biden is laughable at best according to Fox News: 

“I love how the media is already scolding people for bringing up impeachment and saying ‘how dare you cheapen the process’’ –This is from the same people who screamed impeachment for four years, who impeached Trump over a phone call,” he said.

“You tell me this is less egregious than a phone call? Dead Americans? That’s crazy.”

Gutfeld said one of the reasons he opposes impeachment is the successor to Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, is even less qualified to lead.

“There would be a crisis dinner every night, crisis meal every day,” he said of a Harris presidency.

The Guardian points out that even RINO’s like Lindsey Graham are calling for Biden to face impeachment:

Lindsey Graham has repeated his call for Joe Biden to be impeached over the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, saying the president “ignored sound advice” and has “been this way for 40 years”.

Some observers may harbour doubts about Graham’s sincerity.

The Republican senator from South Carolina was close to Biden when Biden was a senator, a relationship which remained strong when the man from Delaware became vice-president to Barack Obama.

Only six years ago, in 2015, Graham told the Huffington Post: “If you can’t admire Joe Biden as a person, then you got a problem. You need to do some self-evaluation. Because what’s not to like?”

Furthermore, Graham reportedly called Biden in mid-November, seeking to explain both his enthusiastic support for Donald Trump’s refusal to admit defeat and his championing of attacks on Hunter Biden, the president’s only surviving son, during the election campaign.


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