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MUST SEE: Woman Perfectly Explains Why The Vaccine Narrative Makes NO Sense….


I’ve been telling people that the vaccine narrative makes NO sense if you really stop and play it out.

You see, that’s what always happens with liars….

Didn’t your mom ever tell you if you don’t lie then you won’t have to remember what you told everyone?

Eventually when you lie so much the lies start to build up and contradict each other and then you have to lie again to fix each one and at some point it all gets so out of control that the whole narrative just crumbles.

I think that’s about where we’re at with the vaccine and the planned-demic.

Remember in the beginning how kids were virtually immune to it?

99.99% survival rate?

What’s the focus now?

Now it’s on kids under 12 and why we absolutely have to vaccinate all of them.



They are virtually unaffected by this vaccine.

Makes no sense.

Then the narrative changed to getting the vaccine to protect yourself against dying.

But when over half of Americans said that’s fine, I’ll take my chances, then the narrative had to change to protecting OTHERS.

So I have to take the vaccine to protect you.

Makes no sense.

If you’re vaccinated, then aren’t you safe?

Well no, turns out vaccinated people can still catch it.

Ok, so the vaccine doesn’t actually work?

So why are we taking it again?

Narrative changes again: you have to take it because it reduces the severity of your symptoms.

Ok, so I’ll take my chances.

Narrative changes again: but if you’re unvaccinated, then you might give it to someone else!

Ok, but so might you since we all just agreed the vaccine doesn’t stop you from getting COVID.


Watch as this woman does it better than I just laid it out….she absolutely nails it.

It’s a powerful 30 seconds that everyone needs to see.

And then just start asking these questions.

When people try to pin you down, just ask this line of questioning and watch as they eventually twist themselves into a corner.

Then they’ll either get really made and storm off and end the conversation or they’ll attack you with an ad-hominem attack….and when either of those things happens, that’s when you’ll know you’ve won.

Watch here on Rumble:


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