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Sidney Powell Is In Some Hot Water—An Update On The Kraken


Sidney Powell is in trouble everyone….

According to reports, Sidney Powell will face the State Bar of Texas soon, and they will decide whether or not to disbar her for bringing claims of election fraud to court.

Claims which aren’t fantastical, far-fetched, or outright lies, but rather do have evidence backing the claims, and are potentially plausible to any rational person.

The targeting of Sidney Powell by institutions and the deep state means one thing and one thing only:

In America you are legally entitled to be represented and defended by legal counsel, but apparently, legal counsel is not entitled to represent or defend you. 

This is setting an extremely dangerous precedent.

By weaponizing state bar associations to stifle political dissent we are simply creating a country which gives itself the green light to engage in the highest forms of political fraud.

Here’s what Judge Linda Parker and the State Bar of Texas had to say about it:

Forbes reports on the upcoming hearings against Sidney Powell:

The investigatory hearing regarding Powell will determine whether there’s just cause to move forward with the complaint against her.

Under the process outlined by the State Bar of Texas, if they find there is just cause to believe Powell committed misconduct, the case will then go to either a public or private trial to determine whether she should be punished or the case against her should be thrown out.

If Powell is found to have violated the state bar’s rules, the most severe punishment is being disbarred, but there are also less serious consequences she could face, including a private or public reprimand, a temporary suspension of her law license or putting Powell under probation but letting her still practice law. She could also with ancillary sanctions like having to pay restitution or expenses related to the grievance proceedings.

Politico had more details:

Along with mandatory continued education on election law, the pro-Trump attorneys were ordered to “pay the fees and costs incurred by the State Defendant and the City of Detroit to defend this action.” It is unclear how much that will be, and the defendants have two weeks to submit their time and expense records.

“Further, given the deficiencies in the pleadings, which claim violations of Michigan election law without a thorough understanding of what the law requires, and the number of failed election-challenge lawsuits that Plaintiffs’ attorneys have filed, the Court concludes that the sanctions imposed should include mandatory continuing legal education in the subjects of pleading standards and election law,” the opinion reads.


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