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Kim Clement is the gold standard for prophetic voices, at least in recent years.

We’ve covered him many times here at WeLoveTrump and I’m always fascinated when a new video is posted from his archive.

Today they posted a video titled “Did Kim Clement See EVERYTHING?” and it is so incredible to listen to these clips now in hindsight and realize how many parts have come to pass in the years since Kim gave these prophetic words.

Watch it here and be amazed:

And because YouTube will likely delete that soon, I made a backup.

Watch here on Rumble:

If you want even more, we can dig in deeper.

My friend Trey Smith does an amazing job of breaking down Kim’s prophecies about President Trump.

I really love this one because Trey points out that Kim’s prophecies about President Trump are actually playing out in chronological order.

And sometimes when we thought we were at a certain point in the chronology, we would later find out we’re not there yet.

For example, there is one part in one of Kim’s messages where he said (of Trump): “They will even say this man is not talking enough!”

That never seemed to describe Donald Trump…..until now.

Ever since the election he has gone very quiet.

At the time when we expected he might be speaking loudly, he’s suddenly gone quiet.

And Trey Smith explains why and where this leaves us on the timeline of Kim Clement’s prophecy.

Spoiler alert….it’s REALLY good!

Please enjoy:


And in case YouTube deletes this like they did the last Trey Smith video, no worries….

I made a backup.

From Rumble:

Here is even more….

Here is the famous clip I discussed recently with Bo Polny where Kim goes through all 4 seasons of the year….

Look to the Fall!

Many will FALL in the FALL.

Watch here on Rumble:


Now let’s move to another video from Trey Smith.

It starts off with Kim Clement’s prophecy about Two Presidents.

Yes, we’ve heard that one before, but Trey unpacks stuff in there that I had never even noticed!

It’s a prophecy clearly for right now.

Then he goes into a prophecy about how there would be “pandemonium in the White House”….sound familiar to right now?

Does it look like there are people in there right now who have no idea what they are doing?


Then he covers David and Goliath and the Robinhood story that just broke this week.

Then in the second half Trey covers two big prophecy videos from Kim Clement that I have NEVER seen before.

I think he got them direct from Kim’s daughter Donne.

These go into the delay we are experiencing right now….it’s all in there!

It talks about how Trump would go away for a period of time, oh yes!

And how people will even say “this man is not speaking enough”.  (yes, we’ve heard that part before, but really fits for right now, doesn’t it?)

Then he goes into the second one which is all all Spring and Fall and it is just wild is all I can say.

Then he covers the famous Kim Clement prophecy about another Snowden arising with “highly embarrassing information”, but here’s the wild part….based on everything Kim said right before that and what comes right after it (the second impeachment) it sure seems like that is the next thing to happen any minute now on God’s prophetic clock.

And is that the Miracle Red Sea Moment we have all been waiting for?

Is that the thing that breaks all of this wide open?

I don’t want to keep talking, I want you to watch this direct from Trey.

From here on out, we’re posting the Rumble links first and the YouTube links second as a backup.

So please enjoy this one direct from Rumble:

And a backup from YouScared:


I thought the last comment there was really interesting…

There is SOMETHING up with Elon.

Of course we all know the man isn’t “normal”, but I do have a feeling he somehow plays into all this when all is said and done.

And I am hoping it’s for the right side.

Come on Elon, ready to go down in history as a legend?

Ok, I’d love to hear what you think about this….comment below!

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