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BREAKING: Explosions At Kabul Airport


It’s only getting worse…..

The violence in Afghanistan escalated today when reports of an explosion and a firefight caused multiple casualties outside of the Kabul airport.

Many of the details aren’t presently known, but what is known is that The U.S. will cease evacuations from the airport in roughly 36 hours at the time of this writing.

That isn’t even the end of the month date that the Taliban set for their beloved leader Joe Biden, and the number of people actually needing evacuation seems to be unclear at this time.

We are getting reports of 150, 500, 1,000. They really don’t know, and that’s what I’m trying to illustrate, just read what CNBC had to say about it towards the end of this blog……

Here are the latest developments:

CNN had live updates from the Kabul airport:

An explosion was reported outside the Hamid Karzai International Airport on Thursday, according to two US officials.

The blast happened at one of the entry gates of the airport and appears to be a suicide attack, according to three US officials.

Crowds of Afghans have been gathering at the gates trying to gain access to the airport.One official said there are injuries among Afghans, but there is no information yet on any US casualties.

CNBC reports:

Blinken said on Wednesday afternoon that there were 500 Americans identified who needed help to get to the airport. Blinken added there were another 1,000 who might need help, but whose citizenship or desire to leave were uncertain. Given the rate of evacuation overnight, the 150 operational total may be a revised update on Blinken’s total of 500, and may even include some of the 1,000 uncertain cases.

The source added there was another 36 hours until the end of the operation to evacuate, and the focus was now on local Afghan staff who worked for the US Embassy. “American citizens are still trickling in but their priority has shifted to local staff,” the source said.

The source estimated there were about 1,800 local US Embassy Afghan staff still to get to the airport and “36 hours to do it.” They had already recovered 1,300 local staff and evacuated them, they said.


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